Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lost In The Clutter

I bet you think I’ve been slacking.  But I promise you I haven’t.  I’ve been on a mission…lost in a “sorting and purging” prison. 

Let me start at the beginning.

When Mom comes for Christmas in a few weeks (still not sure how we’re getting her here), we want her to have the room most suited for her needs.  And since it will likely be an extended stay, and a test run for a more permanent arrangement, we decided to dive in with that in mind.

The three options:

  1. My oldest son’s room.  Too small and has no bathroom. 
  2. My little guy’s room (which has always been the guest room).  Big enough.  However, the tub poses a hazard for Mom.  With Dad no longer there to steady her, I would worry about her slipping and falling.
  3. My middle guy’s room.  Plenty big, plus, it has a walk in shower. 


Grandmom gets the middle son’s room, which incidentally, is also the middle room in the hallway.  And the middle son takes the younger son’s room on the corner, which he will share (happily) with his little brother whenever we have visitors. 

I wish it were as easy as it sounds.  In reality, it’s been crazy.  And the boys have had mixed emotions about it.

This is the room I’ve been cleaning out in order to make it accommodate two boys.  (The older of which was really dreading the pink carpet, lol!)  But, you should have seen the wild color scheme before we moved in!  At least we tamed the walls!

guest bedroom

So, this was my work list over the last two weeks.

  • Clean out the little guy’s closet.
  • Sort through boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff.  He has a huge walk in closet.  Good, because it can hold a lot of household stuff.  Bad, because it can hold a lot of household stuff, lol! 
  • Purge everything not loved.
  • Repeat in middle son’s middle room.
  • Empty both rooms of non-essential furniture and floor clutter.
  • Move all furniture from Little Guy’s room.
  • Replace the horrible-we’re-all-so-happy-it’s-gone-now-pink carpet.
  • Move my middle son and his STUFF into his “new room” and help him establish a corner for his temporarily (possibly permanently) sort of homeless little brother.
  • Help each organize their “half” of the closet.
  • Settle territorial squabbles.
  • Breath a sigh of relief. 


One room done. 

Both boys are doing really well with the arrangement. 

The little guy is sleeping on a camp cot while we search for a twin bed--two of them actually.  Because we want to replace the full bed in Mom’s new room to make room for a reading chair.

Didn’t my little guy do a great job decorating his corner?  :)


Now on to making the middle room a retreat for Mom.  :)  And tackling all the miscellaneous boxes that wound up there.

Hopefully, I’ll have some before and after pictures of that room as well. 


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

My goodness you have been a busy beaver. I'm sure she will appreciate all the effort you put into making her as comfortable as possible.
My parents are going to visit and we have to do a little rearranging ourselves.

Christina said...

Oh! Bless your heart! This is SO not easy! My in-laws just lived with us in our older boys' room for a few months while getting their feet under them again after both losing their jobs. It was good but hard. I know how it feels to have "homeless" kids and big upheaval and uncertainty. Your boys' "new" room looks wonderful, and I'm sure your mom will welcome the haven you're providing for her.

Mari said...

You've been so busy! I like how it's turned out and I know your Mom will really appreciate what all of you are doing for her.