Tuesday, October 6, 2009

LG’s Steam Washer and Dryer: My New Best Friends!

Tah-Dah!  Meet our new Dynamic Blue Laundry Duo!  We settled on the  LG 4.5 Cubic Foot Steam Washer (model number WM2801HLA) and the LG 7.4 Cubic Foot Steam Dryer (model number DLEX2801L).  Aren’t they big and pretty?!New Washer and Its Sidekick 3

Because our washer and dryer are in the garage, we really didn’t care what color they were.  White would have been just fine.   

But Best Buy employees mistakenly put this pretty blue set on display and were then told to get rid of it.  Apparently, LG pays for a limited amount of display space and this was not supposed to be displayed. 

So the price of the set (which did have a few dings and scratches) was cut substantially to move it out.  We got an additional 10% off for a sale they were running.  So that put the price of this (beautiful) larger LG set (with steam!) right around the price of the smaller white machines we had been looking at.

I didn’t find the size difference between the 4 cubic foot and the 4.5 cubic foot drums all that noticeable in the store.  But the extra space CAN’T hurt, right?  Especially when you are trying to wash a queen or king size comforter. (I am anxious to try that!)

I’ve done three loads of laundry so far today, mostly to try it out.  But also to get caught up. 

The first load was a load of towels.  I did it on the Sanitize Cycle and put the soil level on Heavy.  It took nearly TWO HOURS!  I’m not used to a wash taking that long.

I’m also not used to not being able to add a forgotten sock or something to a wash load once the washer has started.  But it makes sense that the door would lock once it has water in it.  :) 

I did the next two loads on the “normal” cycle, and they took just under an hour. 

I was pleased with all the loads as far as how the clothes came out.  Each load came out clean, fresh and feeling only damp.  The drying time, in turn, was only about 30-40 minutes. 

As far as the dryer goes, it has a Steam Sanitary Cycle designed for sanitizing non-washable items such as decorative pillows. 

I tried it out on my boys’ smelly soccer cleats.   First I gave them their normal dose of Doctor Scholl’s foot powder, and then I laid them on the tray insert in the dryer. 

Would you believe they came out smelling something akin to fresh!?  Oh my!!  That foul smell that used to fill the room within minutes of them being kicked off??  That will NOT be missed!  And it was such an easy thing to do!!!


I think I’m really going to like this LG Dynamic Blue Duo!! 


Mari said...

It's a beautiful thing! I can see that you are going to love these! Those extra features sound wonderful. I like the blue too.

Just Breathe said...

They look wonderful. Enjoy!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

They are beautiful! Oh how much fun laundry must be now! May the newest never wear off! That sanitize setting in the dryer sounds awesome!

GeorgeK said...

I just replaced my old washing machine and was looking for an energy efficient alternative. After a bit of research I came across these washer dryer combos (-> http://www.WasherDryerCombination.com ) and finally decided to get the LG WM3988HWA all-in-one combo. Well, if I had read about the upcoming "cash for appliances" program before I could have saved some bucks :-).

Christina said...

Oh, wow! those are stunningly be-u-ti-ful! I love the blue. And I'm sure they're a huge help.