Monday, November 3, 2008

Trunk Or Treat Pictures and Ideas 2008

I wanted to post a few pictures of Saturday's event at our church. I've taken measures to ensure that no personally identifying items or faces are shown. The exception is if the person is in costume or has given their permission. Pictures of my kids, of course, are at my discretion. The web can be a scary place and I try to be careful about what and how much I post.

Trunk or Treat can be a great community outreach. For those of you unfamiliar with what it is, it is a church or community event where a portion of a parking lot is roped off for participating cars. Those cars/trucks decorate their trunks in a kid friendly theme and then the kids come trick-or-treating around the loop. Each trunk location has candy to pass out.

We actually had three parts to our Trunk or Treat evening. We had a Carnival Time with lots of games, food and activities. Then, we had a Magic Show in the sanctuary put on by a Christian Missionary, and finally, the kids were given sacks to go Trick or Treating around the trunks. In the bottom of their sacks, each child was given an invitation to come join the fun on a regular basis at our church.

Here are some pictures of this year's fun which may be helpful for someone thinking of organizing or participating in a Trunk or Treat next year. My boys helped prepare Joe the Soccer Coach Giraffe for our Soccer themed car.

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