Monday, November 3, 2008

A Tip On Taking Tests

Social Studies is not my middle son's easiest subject. Sadly, he gets that from me. We spend time almost every night studying so that when the big test comes, he is not overwhelmed.

He had a test Friday for which my husband and I both drilled him all week long. Yet, we knew that with the many government organizational terms, dates, and people, this would be a killer test for him.

Naturally, when he got home, I asked him how he thought it went. He told me excitedly how his friend taught him how to pick the right answer for A,B,C, or D questions.

You hold your hand with your four fingers (one for each letter) pointing down, and then you bang them on the top of your desk. Whichever one hurts the most, that's the answer!

Oh, dear.

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