Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Three More Weeks…

Three weeks from today, a friend and I fly out to Pennsylvania to get my mom.  Our plan is to drive Mom’s car back here to Indiana.  That way she can bring what she needs in order to stay a month or two.

I’m so glad she is coming!  For months, she gave herself entirely to the job of caring for Dad.  It couldn’t have been easy.  And most of the time, I know she was physically and emotionally exhausted.  But she was the picture of patience and love.  Dad sure was thankful for her!  And I admired her always kind heart.

Christmas will be hard no matter where she is.  And she may find herself climbing the walls with all of our craziness!  Lol!  But I hope she’ll find some measure of relaxation and distraction while she is with us.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve been working on making her room a haven.  I want her to have a place of her own to retreat to when she needs a little peace and quiet.   

I’m not done yet.  But aren’t these flowers pretty?


I found two matching arrangements at the Goodwill the other day and I knew they were the perfect thing to brighten her room! 

The little kitties  on the shelf are two of the ones Dad made for me when I got my first apartment.  He made tons of them!

And the puzzles in the cubbies are ones I’ve started collecting for mom to work on while she is here.  She loves puzzles!   I just need to find a small table to put in her room.  :)


I took the blue chair from the boys’ sunroom/game room.  It’s not the most comfortable of chairs, and I’m keeping my eyes out for something better.  But I wanted her to have a place to sit and read.  This is the sunniest room in the house during the afternoon, and I think it will be perfect.

The tablet you see next to the light is Mom’s Christmas present.  We gave her one two years ago and she surprised us by totally loving it.  However, she’s been frustrated that it won’t charge anymore.   I ordered it early so I would have time to load it with her favorite games and a bunch of books.  I think she will be tickled!  Her first tablet helped her pass many a sleepless nights.  And I’m hopeful she’ll find this one just as useful.

SOOOOOOO, can you recommend any games you enjoy on your phone or tablet?  I’ve got word searches, mahjongs, solitaire and freecell.  I’ve also got several translations downloaded in the Bible app.  But I would love to download a few more!  Let me know what your family enjoys!


Christine said...

I'm glad you have the "how" figured out to get your mom here. She will be grateful for the room/retreat just for her. It was awfully thoughtful of you. And the room looks peaceful and lovely.
My mom likes to play bejeweled on her tablet.

Mari said...

It looks wonderful and it's so inviting. I know your mom is really going to appreciate all the love that went into this. I'm boring in the game department - I play different varieties of Solitaire and Sudoko.

Penny said...

How about Feedly with her favorite blog already loaded? :)

Cheryl Z said...

I love the idea of your mom staying for a few months. And I'm glad you were able to figure out a way for her to get there. Being with you and your family will help her to continue to heal from her grieving.