Tuesday, March 8, 2011

There Are Changes In The Air This Spring

We pulled into the drive of our new house on Wednesday afternoon, May 14, 2003.  It was sobering to think that we would be establishing our new home hundreds of miles away from everyone we knew and loved.  

The sun was warm and the leaves were just starting to unfurl in this part of Indiana.   

My husband and I took a deep breath and sat.  The yard was stark.  Mud puddles lined the drive.  And the house sat quietly empty.  Waiting for us to make it a home. 

Two kids, a dog, a cat, and 26 foot trailer waited to be unloaded.

The moving trucks would arrive tomorrow.  And my husband would start his new job on Monday.  The next four days looked daunting.

Today was all about deciding where we would put everything.

Besides the master bedroom, there were two bedrooms and an office.  In no time at all the boys (barely 4 and 6) decided to share a room.  Being alone in a strange place held no appeal to them.  By evening, they had unrolled their sleeping bags side-by-side.

I was inwardly relieved.  First, because I thought they would sleep better in the same room.  And second, because the other bedroom wasn’t move-in-ready.  This is a picture I took the month before when we first looked at the house.Purple Room

Purple, green and pink-ish-mauve.  Yikes!  This room needed a paint job at the very least.

Although it was tight, we found a way to squeeze their loft beds into the room they chose that first night.  And that’s where they have been ever since.  Those beds weigh a ton!Boys room pres

Eventually, I painted the “purple room” and set it up as a guest room for family and friends.

When God added a third son to our family in August of 2004, the easiest thing to do was to plunk a crib next to the guest bed. 

And then swap it out for a toddler bed. 

And eventually swap that out for a twin sized bed--which brings us to the present.  It’s my youngest son’s room—unless we have visitors.  Then it becomes the guest bedroom.guest room The dingy mauve carpet still begs to be removed.  

But not for much longer.

Now that the boys are older, we’ve decided to change things up.

Instead of taking a vacation this  year, we are going to give each boy a room of their own—for the first time—complete with a few modest updates. 

We’ll need to use the office as the third bedroom.  Which is much easier SAID than DONE!!!! 

The office, where my husband works on all things electronic, has become a parts warehouse…among other things.  It’s the room I tuck boxes in when I don’t know where else to store them.  And electronic devices that need my husband’s healing touch.  And Christmas presents I want to hide. Shhh!  And, well, everything you can think of. 

It’s scary in there.   Spare Room

But it all has to go.

The question is-- go where

Before we get to the fun part of setting up new bedrooms, we all need to purge.  The space in every closet, nook and cranny will need to be maximized if we’re going to pull this off. 

You all know how much boys (of any age) love to sort and purge, don’t you?  Lol! 

They are all being a real troopers and digging into the process, though.  It’s just so time consuming.   Who wants to come home after a long day of work (or school) and work some more

I wish I had a crew from one of the HGTV programs to sweep in and transform our spaces!  Oh how I WISH! 

I’ll keep you posted as we work.  I think it’s going to be a l-o-o-o-n-g process. 

What are you tackling this Spring?


Christina said...

What a great change to tackle! It'll all be worth it when the dust settles. :D This spring I hope to tackle gardening...we'll see how it goes.

Mari said...

It's a big job but will be so worth it! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

Nanette said...

Great project! Make a checkoff list of the process to getting this done. Check off the things as you get them done and you will see and feel like you are getting ahead.

My project is to paint our main level (livingroom, diningroom, kitchen,half bath, and foyer).