Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WFMW: A Surprisingly EASY Way To Kill Yellow Jacket Nests In Hard To Reach Places!

After I posted about our bee nest in the soffit last Monday, I began to hear buzzing in the wall above my desk—not a good sign!  I had flashbacks of the bees which poured through the wall into my living room  a few years ago!  bees in soffit 004

A friend recommended SEVIN. She said she had a nest of yellow jackets behind her siding and SEVIN took care of it.  She just waited till after dark so that all the bees would be “in” for the night and then used a turkey baster to shoot the powder into the entrance. 

I immediately got out my can of the powder.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with it, SEVIN is a white powder sold in garden departments to keep bugs off of tomato and garden plants. 

Sure enough, there is a warning on SEVIN that says "extremely toxic to bees". The powder apparently sticks to their legs and when they track it into the hive, it kills the entire nest. (Yahooo!)

Sure that bees would soon be pouring into the house, I decided to forgo waiting for dark, and apply SEVIN right away. 

A turkey baster would have forced me to get too close to the active nest.  So my clever friend suggested I use a spoon to flick it up there.  Talk about ingenious!  Is it any wonder I loved having her as a study partner in high school?  Lol!

I found a nice springy long-handled plastic spoon and took my can of powder to the porch.  Standing upwind and as far away as I could, I began shooting spoonfuls of SEVIN into the places I saw bees entering and leaving the soffit.  Even though only a small amount stuck to the wood (in the right places, lol!), it made the bees swarming mad!

By evening, there was very little activity in the nest, and the buzzing in the wall had diminished.

By the next morning, all was quiet and there wasn’t a bee in sight!

SEVIN applicationYippee!!!

SEVIN definitely works!  I’m a little disappointed with my aim, lol!  But I’m completely happy with SEVIN!  And I didn’t even have to hire someone to come in and dismantle my house!

Just keep in mind that SEVIN is a poison, and you want to be careful if you have children and/or pets.  Always read the label carefully and avoid unintended exposure.

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Christina said...

What a relief to find such a simple and effective solution!

Mari said...

I'm so glad you got that problem taken care of. I'll remember it if we have any more trouble with wasps over here.