Monday, July 30, 2012

Who’s The Joker?

We have a few fruit trees out by our driveway.  There’s a peach, pear, nectarine, and several apple trees and it’s always exciting to see the fruit beginning to mature.  Especially the nectarine tree.  It seemed like we were finally going to get some fruit off of it! 

That is, until one day when I found this little guy in the middle of the driveway. Looking at me.deer calling card

Immediately, I accused my oldest son of being a “funny guy” and told him to stop wasting my fruit.

He laughed and said, “I didn’t do it, Mom, honest.”

A sickening feeling washed over me.  It couldn’t be!  And yet, a closer look at the marks left little doubt.  Those were gnaw marks!  A deer had discovered my fruit trees and left this behind to mock me. 

What’s worse, I knew that whoever did it would be back the following night.  And the night after that.  And the one after that.  Until there was nothing left on the tree. 

I decided to pick an armful of the not-nearly-ripe-enough fruit and see if they would ripen on my counter.  I didn’t pick them all because I wasn’t sure they would.  However, by the time the ones on the counter began to show signs of ripening, it was too late for the ones left on my tree. 

They were gone.

Alas, the deer won round one of the fruit tree battle.

Fast forward a week and a half.  We were coming home from a twilight swim at our neighbors house when who should we see beneath the apple tree?  That blasted deer!  

I love my Subaru for times like this!  Can you say payback time!?  Hee-hee!  I blasted the horn and put the pedal to the metal.  Let the chase begin!!!

Oblivious to the cheers from the backseat, I bounced over the yard in one of my finest chases yet. 

Lucky for her, I was forced to abandon pursuit when she doubled back and crossed the road.   Although I don’t mind heehawing across  my own yard, I’m a little reticent to go kicking up dust in my neighbors’.  Even if the back seat chorus is egging me on.

I guess it’s enough to let her know that my Subaru and I are watching her.  Maybe I should park it out there!  Lol!

Happy Monday, friends!!


Mari said...

Too funny! Sorry about the fruit though. I did get a laugh imagining you chasing the deer.

in the coop said...

Oh my word, you crack me up! Very reminiscent of you chasing down another animal with your carpool kids in the car. One of the first posts of yours I ever read.