Monday, July 23, 2012

No More Braces!

We interrupt my neglect of this blog to bring you an important announcement.  My Middle Man got his braces off Friday! And he couldn’t be happier! 

Bring on the gummies!  Bring on the Jolly Ranchers!  And bring on the DORITOS!  Lol!  We are definitely celebrating! 

I’m super happy for him. :)

And I’ll be even happier when we finally pay them off in a few months! 

Hopefully, my little guy has a few years before he needs to be evaluated!  A break from those monthly payments will be nice!!!!

Braces are worth it, though.  Not only have they given my boys beautiful smiles they’ll be keep for the rest of their lives, braces have also given their teeth the best possible chance to stay healthy.  You don’t know how often I wish I had gotten them when I was younger.  It might have prevented some of the issues I now face with misaligned and sensitive teeth.

*  *  *

In other news, I should probably tell you our family has entered the end-of-summer-rush to squeeze in doctor and dentist appointments for everyone.  Between those appointments (and their follow-ups), and the onset of multiple daily soccer practices, my computer time has been drastically reduced.  The next chance I get, though, I want to update you on our yellow jacket situation.  (Thank you all for commiserating!)

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Mari said...

Hooray for the braces coming off! My oldest had braces and I remember what a happy day it was.
Good luck with all those appts!