Monday, July 16, 2012

This Yellow Jacket Nest Has Got To Go!


We could really use some advice!  Yellow jackets have built a nest in the soffit above our porch.  There is no good access point to spray them. And no easy way to take the soffit down--it’s nailed, not screwed.

This is the Bigger Picture from a different angle.  The bees are coming in and out at the right end behind the face board.  bigger pictureThere is a seam about a foot to the left of the gutter, and then a vent on back further.  We aren’t sure how far back the nest extends. But we think it goes pretty far.

A few nights ago, he used a fine tube to spray a small amount of gasoline (yes, you read that right) as far in as he could from the end and it didn’t kill the nest.  In the past, he has had great success using this method as the fumes kill the ones on down in the nest pretty fast.  But no such luck this time.

Any ideas???

There is only one thing worse than dealing with a sprawling nest of angry bees, and that’s doing so from a ladder!


Mari said...

I wish I had some ideas for you, but I'm afraid I don't. We had a wasp nest in a tree last year and couldn't get it down until winter because of that whole ladder issue. Good luck!

in the coop said...

We've had different bee problems throughout the years, and it always seems to work best if we take care of it at night, when they are all in there and sleeping. Oh, I hate bees. Good luck.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Oh I feel your pain! We had an awful bee situation a few years ago, and you're right ladders and bees area terrible combination! I wish I could help more with what to do, but ours were honey bees and we had to hire professionals to come remove them, honeycomb and all! On a positive note, my kids were thrilled when the guys suited up in their real life bee suits right in our front yard!