Friday, October 29, 2010

Class Party!!!

I plan to crash a party today.  Want to join me?  Lol!

One of the papers I signed at the beginning of the school year was a volunteer sheet for class parties. 

I haven’t heard anything from anyone confirming my status as a room mom, or assigning me a task.  So I’m not sure if my paperwork made it through all the channels.  And today is the kindergarten fall party.


When my older boys were in elementary school, my hands were full with a new little baby.  Who grew into a squirming unpredictable toddler.  And by the time I felt I could take him along and volunteer, the administration had made the rule that no preschool siblings could tag along with a room mom.  I can understand why.  None-the-less,  Bah-Hum-Bah.

The boys and I were pretty disappointed.

Now that they are in middle school, having mom show up at school isn’t on their top ten lists of things they want to happen.  Don’t ask me why.  It’s not like I haul a camera around snapping pictures or anything.  :)

So to make the long story short, I’m going to this party today.  The school has a current background check on file, and I’ve been waiting for the chance to get more involved for six years.  :)

In fact, I plan to attend everything I can with my last little boy—while he still wants me to—with or without an official badge of “Room Mom.”

Does that make me a class-party-crasher?  :)  And does anyone want to come with me??  Hee-Hee!  

He’s going to dress as a Scare Crow for their little parade.

This is a picture I took of him in our homemade costume two years ago.  Naturally, I’ll take my camera to get an updated photo. 

Wouldn’t you?    

Note:  Because of the storms that blew across the country, my visiting parents ended up staying an extra day.  They arrived home safely yesterday afternoon.  Your prayers for their safe trip were greatly appreciated!

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Mari said...

I think that's a good thing to crash. Have fun!