Monday, October 6, 2008

Quick and Easy Scarecrow Halloween Costume

This costume is one of my all time favorites! It's not scary or spooky. It's just plain fun, and works great for any Fall or Halloween Party! That's why I'm sharing it at Works For Me Wednesday. We actually made two sets so my older two boys could both wear one when they were smaller.

Since it is really just a hat, 4 hay cuffs, and a few colorful patches, it can be worn by kids or adults, and yes, I've worn one myself for a couple fall functions! The kids love it when I dress up. The hat, by the way, sits nicely above the eyes, but I have it pulled forward for the picture.

To make it, you'll need are a few pieces of yellow felt for the "hay", a few bright scraps of felt or material for patches, and enough of one color to make the cone and brim of the hat!

Now, for the hat, make a cone out of paper (to start with) so you can adjust it and get the right size and shape. Then trace the pattern onto a piece of felt and cut it out. Sew up the seam, then attach a long narrow rectangular piece to the bottom of the cone for a brim. This is the most time consuming part, but you could use a straw hat if you have one the right size and skip this step. Whichever you use, attach lengths of yellow "fringe" to the brim seam and let it hang down like hay hair.

For the hay cuffs, cut several pieces of yellow felt into long rectangles. Cut fringe along one side, careful to leave about a half inch in tact, sew a bit of elastic to the solid edge, and, wahlah! You have easy to wear "hay" that won't fall out and isn't picky!

For the hay cuffs that goes on the feet, do the same thing, but leave a portion of the elastic in the back without fringe, so he or she won't be walking on it. It looks just fine having the yellow hay show only around the sides and top of the shoe.

Finally, take some colorful scraps of felt or material and cut out some patches to attach to his jeans, shirt, and hat. I tacked my patches on with a needle and thread at the corners, but you could simply safety pin (or tape) them on, so you can take them off in a jiffy when the party is over.

Besides how adorable he looks in it, the other thing I love is how easy it is put on and off. I can send him to school in his jeans and a flannel shirt and his costume is almost done! All he has to do is slip on his hay cuffs and don his hat!

For a fun touch, you could use some lipstick or face paint to add some rosy cheeks!


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I love this! I think i will try to make a "no-sew" version for my munchkin!

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Thanks for the tutorials..! I will try to make a Halloween costume my own.