Monday, October 25, 2010


I’m almost at the end of my blogging break.  But I thought I’d drop in with some pictures of what’s been happening in my little nook of Indiana.

First, we completed our second porch just before my parents arrived from Pennsylvania.  Here are some pictures of us scurrying around to wrap up the project!

Porch Work 1It was absolutely beautiful weather to be working outside.  And the trees were beautiful, too.  :)

My Workers

The boys all chipped in, holding, fetching, and hammering.  It really was an all-out family effort.  The little guy even got his own set of tools and tool belt--just his size.  Oh my goodness, he was cute!  All serious about his work!


Porch work

We’re so glad we finished in time for Mom and Dad’s visit.  It was worth all the late nights hammering away.

Here’s a picture of the finished porch with deck, looking out into the trees.

finished back porch

Mom and Dad are sure enjoying it!  And so are we!

checkers on the porch

The favorite activity is, of course, checkers.  I took this picture looking out through the patio door. 

checkers on the porch 3

We say goodbye to my folks tomorrow morning.  They will be leaving in what is looking like some pretty stormy weather, according to the forecasters.  We need the rain.  But I wish they didn’t have to drive in it.  Keep them in your prayers!  They plan to break their trip into two days.

Then I’ll be back to find some sort of normal schedule again.  And hopping around to see what I’ve been missing with all of you!



Mari said...

It looks fabulous! I would love to sit out there with you.
Glad you are enjoying the visit. We are supposed to have bad weather tomorrow too - high winds for a few days. I hope it doesn't mess up there travels!

The Real Me! said...

Your porch came out beautiful. Great job and so fun that everyone got to chip in and help.
Praying for safe travels for your folks.
Hugs to you my friend.

Sandy@Jesus and Dark Choc said...

Oh my I wish we could hire all of you for a weekend!!! What a beautiful porch! I would love to sit on it and play checkers. :)
Hope your parents made it home ok........the weather is finally starting to cool down here this evening. :)
P.S thanks for praying for us! :)