Monday, November 1, 2010

Annual Hayride 2010

Seven years ago, my husband and I took our (then) two boys trick or treating in a small wagon pulled by our garden tractor.  We had a ball!

The next year, we joined up with another family.  And so the tradition began.  Each year, getting bigger and better!

With a number of new faces, this year’s annual Trick-Or-Treat-Hay-Ride had the biggest turnout yet!   There were seventeen kids, and 8 adults.  The overflow piled into the back of the pick-up truck which was pulling the trailer. 

At one point, we had to pile out of the trailer because the truck was having trouble pulling the load up a steep gravel drive!  Lol!

We have a small community (about 20 homes), and everyone pretty much knows everyone else and looks forward to the event.  Trick or treat fun

I know there are those who stay away from Halloween Parties and trick-or-treating, and I respect their choice.  However, although we don’t do the spooky stuff, my husband and I have always enjoyed taking the kids around.  We look at it as a great opportunity to catch up with friends and meet new neighbors.

As in years past, we met back at our place after the hayride for a bonfire and fellowship.  It is one of my favorite days of the year. 

While the adults sat around the fire talking and laughing, the boys organized a fun game of flashlight tag.

Sometimes I worry that this or that family won’t feel included, and the prep work sometimes has me frazzled.  But I’m always amazed at how smoothly it goes.  Not at all because of me.  But because of the many people who join in so enthusiastically. 

I’d love to do more community events throughout the year, but I need some ideas.  What do you do in your neck of the woods?


great-mom-lousy-farmer said...

We love it when an idea turns into a fun family tradition.

Back when we lived in a neighborhood, we would have a New Year's Eve party for everyone within walking distance of our house. No worries about being on roads with impaired drivers. Plus, since all of our children were young, we would have the countdown at 9:00, and everyone was home in bed by 10:30. We had a ball drop, noisemakers, lots of food and fellowship.

Mari said...

I think it's great that it's a neighborhood event.
Like Great Mom, we did a New Years Eve even.It doesn't happen anymore because too many many people have moved and the kids who used to come have grown up. It was fun though, and ours went through midnight. We had sparkling juice in champagne glasses and as soon as the ball dropped and we had our toasts, we were headed for home and bed.
We also have neighborhood showers for anyone getting married.