Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What My Middle Son Did to Make Me Cry

Mom made it home safe and sound last week.  Which is good!  She was getting homesick.  But it’s also bad.  I miss her!  It was really nice having another female in the house.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked down the hall ready to laugh with her about something only to stop short at the sight of her empty chair or room.  This was taken right before she left.

one more pic 3

That said, I was already feeling a tiny bit emotional when I heard arguing and slamming-of-doors at the other end of the house. 

Middle Man was determined to boot his little brother out of his space into Grandmom’s newly emptied bedroom.  And Little Guy was making it perfectly clear that he did NOT want to go. 

There were tears.

There was drama.

And there was no reasoning with either son.

Little Guy went and hid himself in the sunroom. 

Middle Man looked at me, dropped his shoulders, and sighed.   

That’s when my up-to-now-unreasonable middle son did something that made me super proud of him.  He told me he was going to work non-stop till he had made his little brother’s new space SO cool that he, himself, would be jealous.

And he did.BBB

He hung soccer jerseys, Chelsea flags, and Colts gear.   He hung posters of Lamborghinis, and tucked well-loved stuffed animals around the room.  He put water guns in the shower,  a beach ball on the bookshelf, and a battle ax by the toilet.  He created a drawing nook and hung Christmas lights.  He even thought to download Little Guy’s favorite music to his tablet and set it to play.  And as a final touch, he built a tunnel-fort under the table. 

It was a little boy’s dream room.

I wish you could have seen my little guy’s face when we finally got him to come and see.  Because it was priceless. 

And it brought tears to my eyes.  :) 

He absolutely loved it!!!

And later, all by himself, my Little Guy did his big brother’s chores.

Those, friends, are the kind of things that Mamas tuck away to smile over when no one is looking.

So, where did I find my Little Guy this morning? not enemies after all In Big Brother’s room, of course. 

It made me smile.  They’ve been hanging out in each other’s rooms most of the day.

My little guy has a pretty awesome big brother! 

However, I’m not allowed to post this without clarifying that Little Guy still thinks his big brother is annoying. 

Of course he does. 

And I’m sure the feeling is mutual. 

I love my guys. ;)


Christine said...

Shoot, that made me get a little teary. What a wonderful thing for a brother to do. Such good, considerate boys you are raising.
Glad your mom made it home safely.

Mari said...

That is just the best! I'm so glad you have this written down here so it's well remembered!
PS - what a nice picture of you and your mom. I have a feeling that she's missing chatting with you too.