Friday, October 3, 2014

Please Allow Me To Ramble On For An Entire Post and Share Random Highlights Of Our Summer As I Fall Woefully Short Of Organizing Any Thoughts…

I hate that it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.  Summer went and flew away before I could lasso it and slow it down.  :)

In June, we took a trip to Pennsylvania and Maryland to see family.  First, we visited with my husband’s family in Chestertown Maryland.  Then we headed up to my Mom’s house in Pennsylvania, where we cut down her field of bamboo.  (It was not fun work. But it really needed to be cleared.) 

This year, we took our pop-up so our moms didn’t have to worry about where to put us all.  It gave us a place to crash, and also tickled my little guy who wanted to go camping in the worst way! 

The day after we cut down the bamboo, the guys went to Hershey Park with my husband and a family friend.  They had a blast experiencing the park I grew up loving. 

Mom and I stayed at her place, and I used the time to paint some of the trim on Mom’s front porch.


When it was time to head back to Indiana, we brought Mom home with us. That’s one of the reason’s I’ve let blogging go for so long.  I hate spending time on the computer when I can be visiting and doing things with her and the boys. 

Speaking of the boys, they went to soccer camp the very next day after we got back.  It was the first time we went to the Ben Elo Soccer camp, and they really had a great time. 

After that, high school soccer practices began, along with  weight training.  And the summer fell into a busy routine of mowing, practices, gardening and canning.

Canning.  This summer, I made two kinds of relish, lots of ketchup, and tons of salsa.  I also froze enough zucchini to have zucchini bread all winter long.  It feels great to have all that stored away!

School has been in session here for almost two months.  I now have a junior, a sophomore and a 4th grader. 

The two older boys play soccer for the High School, and my youngest still plays for his travel league.  As always, the schedule is crazy and it’s hard to keep up.  But it’s a fun kind of crazy.  I love watching my boys play!

Last week, my two older boys’ team played an incredible game against their biggest rival.  It was so intense, I’m pretty sure a few of the parents (besides me) lost their voices, lol! 

The game ended in a 1-1 tie, and because a conference game cannot end in a tie, it went into overtime. Still tied at the end of overtime, it went to PKs.  (If you are not familiar with soccer, both teams pick five players to shoot one on one against the goalie and the team with the most goals at the end wins.) 

It was a long and hard fought game.  But we finally won in PKs!  What a great night of soccer!  And the icing on the cake?  My middle son was one of the players who scored a PK in the end!

Like I said, I love watching my boys play.  :)

A photographer from the local paper tweeted this picture taken during the game…

Number 13 is my oldest son.  I feel bad for the player who caught his teammate’s high kick with his chin.  However, I’m incredibly glad my son’s face missed the action! (And glad, too, that I didn’t see it happen!!  Who knows what I might have shouted!  Ha!)  The other player in white is my middle son.  My oldest told me he was cleaning up the mess my middle son left by not sticking to the man he was supposed to be covering, lol!

They each played great games and I enjoy listening to them laugh and banter back and forth. 

Where is my mom in all this soccer, you ask?  She has been coming along to some of the games when it isn’t too hot or cold, and when there isn’t too much walking involved.  She enjoys watching, too.  But she is ready to go home to Pennsylvania.  Once I get my little guys’ soccer schedule added into my master calendar, I hope to be able to squeeze in a trip east with Mom. 

Anyone want to be my driving buddy?  :)

I’ve missed this little space and the chance it gives me to catch up with my “virtual” friends.  So hopefully, with the boys back at school, I can carve out a regular time to catch up with you all! 

What kept you busy this summer??


Christine said...

Just this past weekend, as I drove to Bloomington, I thought of you and wondered if you'd ever write on your blog again. So good to see you back!
Sounds like a busy summer for you all. I'm glad you were able to spend so much time with your mom.
That photo from the game is frightening! It looked like a shot from the World Cup! Soccer is one dangerous sport. Did that poor boy have an injury?
I was hoping our boys would play each other this year, but it never happened. Hopefully before they graduate they will. :)

Raise Them Up said...

Sometimes, I wondered if I'd ever write again myself! :) To answer your question about the picture...Yes. I believe he had to have a few stitches on his chin.

We'll be at your tournament later this month, playing in the u10 bracket. Hopefully, we'll cross paths there. :)