Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Picture Journal of Our Camping Trip to Hardy Lake State Park

Last week was fall break, and we spent it camping with friends at Hardy Lake State Park.  It was absolutely beautiful!  

The guys hung out fishing on our friends’ pontoon boat and giving their electronics a break.  Um… B and C on boatWell, they fished, at least.  :)  My little guy caught the most.  Might be because he wasn’t texting every other minute.  ;)

A and fish

These were out campsites.  Our little Jayco Pop up is the one on the right.  The trees were just beautiful!

two campsites

Directly behind our camper there was a short path that lead down to the lake where we could tie the boat. I took this after the guys pushed off for one of their fishing trips.Pontoon boat

My oldest son and a friend slept on the boat one night.  It was all good until about 4 in the morning when a cold front brought wind and rain sending them back to the campers.   

I took this on a walk between the lake and our camp site.hike

Greta, as usual, enjoyed being a part of everything.  She loves camping as much as we do!

B and Greta

There were several UNO games…


as well as our annual pumpkin carvings. 


We took our bikes and enjoyed riding around the park.  We also used them to ride to the comfort station, which was a good ways away.

The only bathroom close to us was a vault/pit style restroom.  NOT something I wanted to brave in the middle of the night.  Once in the daylight confirmed that.  I was not about to slice through those cobwebs in the middle of the night.  Nope. NOT HAPPENING.

siteBut I had looked at the campground map before we left and knew we were staying in a more remote area.  So, I bought a pop up hunting blind from Rural King to take along.

In spite of the boys’ objections that the blind was too cool to pee in, I plunked my little porta-pot inside, strung some lights,and hung a roll of toilet paper.  I must say, it made a happy little potty hut!  I think it was much nicer than those stand alone outdoor shower shelters I saw on line.potty space

I have NO idea why I didn’t do this LOOOONG ago.  Seriously.  It stayed nice and dry inside and as an added bonus, I could change in it when the boys beat me to the camper.  Greta even napped there from time to time.  It was worth every penny.

Here’s a picture of my boys chill’in in the camper. I applied my phone’s water color effect just for fun.  :)

water color chilling inside

One day, my hubby and I made some crock pot apple crisp.  It was SOOOO good!  And easy, too!  Tomorrow, I’ll share the recipe, so be sure to stop back!

It was a fun time, for sure! 

What have you been doing to enjoy your fall?


Christine said...

Looks like a great trip! Well, except for the bathroom situation. Yes, that is better than a pit somewhere, but...not for me. :)

Such pretty photos!

Hey, did you say your youngest is playing in our tournament this weekend? I'll be there most of the day Saturday. Hope we can catch up!

Mari said...

Looks like a fun time! Your pumpkins look great and I like your pictures.
Great idea with the port-a-potty!