Monday, February 10, 2014

Nice Night For A Walk

During last week’s winter storm, I found myself watching out a back window.  The spotlight my husband installed over the summer gave the perfect view of the blowing snow. 

DSC_0205It reminded me of standing by the front window of our old farm house in Pennsylvania waiting for the blizzards to start.  And then watching the snow pile up.

I wish I knew how to take better nighttime pictures of snow with my camera.  It was a beautiful, though. 

I was dying to go for a walk.  But my crazy boys had absolutely no interest.  They barely even acknowledged my invitation from beneath their piles of blankets in front of the TV. 

So I texted my friend to invite her and her husband.  And guess what?? She loves nighttime snow walks as much as I do!  My husband and I bundled up and set out to meet them on the road.  And my little guy decided to tag along at the last minute.  

The snow was coming down at least an inch or two an hour.  I love how quiet it is during a snow storm.


We stopped several times to talk to neighbors on tractors who were doing their best to keep our private road open.  They said our city didn’t even own a single plow.  Can you believe that?  No wonder the roads in town are always packed down and icy.  It seems crazy to me!  But it also explains all the delays and closings in our school district.  With roads and sidewalks so slick, the little ones that walk to school are safer if it’s daylight for their trek.


As you can see, we still have our “party lights” going on, lol!  They stay up till the flowers bloom and I can tackle the job in my shorts. 

It’s tradition!  

As pretty as the snow was for us, the ice is STILL causing headaches in Pennsylvania.   Mom says it may be Wednesday or later till she gets her electric and phone back. 

She called yesterday afternoon to tell me my brother borrowed a generator and hooked it up for her.  She was able to take a shower, run some more water and charge her cell phone.  She also told me she had a walkie-talkie she was using to stay in touch with my brother.  That was such a great idea!  I think that’s the thing I worried about most was her having no way to call someone if she needed help.  I’m so glad they live close enough to each other for this to work!

This winter has sure been one to remember!  What will stand out for you about this year’s winter?

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Mari said...

I like your snowy pictures. It looks very similar to here.
I will remember never ending snow and cold!