Thursday, February 13, 2014


I sent my youngest out to gather eggs yesterday and noticed an hour later that he hadn’t come back.   It was a balmy 12 degrees (a virtual heat wave for us).  So I wasn’t too worried about the cold—just more curious about what he was doing. 

I found my boy sticking out of a snow mound left by the snow plow.

And he wasn’t alone, lol!  Is there anything more fun than building a snow fort with a friend?

When I was his age, my friends and I would build fabulous forts on opposite sides of our sidewalk.  There would be lookout windows, hideaways, and even shelves stocked with snowballs!  I wasn’t much of a snowball thrower, but I LOVED making the forts!  It was always fun to play out there with my brother and neighbors.  Well, until the ice balls started flying!  Lol!

I’m glad my little guy had someone to build with!  :)  They cracked me up as they both tried to fit into the hole. 

Gotta love my snow buddies!


Christine said...

I've told my kids stories about playing in gigantic piles of snow all winter when I was a kid. There was a church on the property behind us, and being in the snow belt, it's lot was plowed frequently. The kids have been oohing and aching over the huge piles in parking lots around indy, so I promised them we'd go to a nearby church on Friday after school to play on them. They are so excited. Gotta admit, I am a bit, too. :)

Mari said...

I remember doing that when I was young too. So fun!