Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Leaving…On a Jet Plane

That’s the only line of the song I know, but it keeps playing through my head, lol!

I roll out of bed before dawn tomorrow to catch an early flight from Indianapolis to Philadelphia with one stop in Detroit.  I’m not taking much.  One small bag and my purse.  So there isn’t too much to pack.

The things I need to accomplish today revolve around my family.  I know they’ll be just fine.  But the more I can organize for them, the easier (I hope) it will be for my husband to to keep the train on the tracks.  It seriously reminds me of how much harder it was to prepare for a substitute teacher than it was to just going in sick!  Right??

I want to…

  1. Run out for milk, ham, pepperoni and cheese
  2. Get buns and bread out of the freezer
  3. Pre-pack lunches to put in the fridge
  4. Finish the cheat sheet for my husband of times and places each kid needs to be.  The next few days are irregular for them as far as schedules.  Figures.  :/
  5. Set out dress clothes for my little guy.  (His school Christmas program is Thursday night.  I’m hoping my oldest son remembers to video it!)
  6. Wrap what gifts I have tucked here and there so unsupervised boys don’t go snooping. 
  7. Make up chore lists for the boys.  Yep.  It’s no vacation for them! Lol!
  8. Double check my ride connections from the airport to a drop off point, and from the drop-off to Mom’s.
  9. Clean Mom’s room.  My oldest has been using it.
  10. Shovel a path to the chickens.  I’m tired of getting snow in my sneakers.
  11. Spread salt on the walks.  Don’t want mom slipping!!
  12. Bake cookies for my always hungry band of boys.

There’s more.  But I better start tackling these things or I’ll just keep adding to this crazy list!! 

We would appreciate your prayers for a smooth trip—both for our flight, and for the long drive back on Thursday and Friday.  I hope to have a few pictures and fun stories to share next week! 

Until then, stay warm and be safe, those of you in winter wonder lands!  Those of you in the sunshine states… soak up some rays for me, would you?  This was my front door this morning!  Brrrrr!!



Mari said...

I was thinking it was about time for you to go. Sounds like you had a crazy, busy day today, but I know the trip will go well.

Christina said...

I'll be praying for you to have safe travels. And...um...I got your comment about winning the giveaway (YAY! I'm excited.), but I can't fingure out how to email you. Windows 8... Anyway, my email is clp(dot)creations(at)gmail(dot)com. If you could email me there, then I can email you back. :)