Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting Excited!

I leave a week from today.  A friend and I are flying out to Pennsylvania to get my mom.  We’ll fly into Philadelphia, catch a ride to her house, and then leave the following day to drive back in her car.  Mom’s really looking forward to it, and so are we!  We’ve made it clear to her that she can stay as long as she wants.

My boys think I’ll be nicer to them while she’s here.  Isn’t that funny?!  I hate to disappoint them.  But I’m pretty sure that having her here will be like installing reinforcements!  Double the Mom-power, if you know what I mean.  ;)

Not to mention an extra vote in what to watch on T.V.  I’m so sick of being the only female.  We just might get to watch a Hallmark Channel special for once! 

Yeah, maybe not. 

But we can hope.

I don’t think I would have felt comfortable leaving my family and making the trip on my own.  So I’m extremely thankful for the friend who offered to go with me, and the friend who volunteered to pick us up from the airport.  And especially for the husband who is rearranging his work schedule to make sure the boys are taken care of.  It’s a lot to ask of all of them.  I’m blessed.   

I know I shared some pictures already.  But here are a few more of the room we’ve been preparing for her.


In the afternoon, when the sun is shining, this is the brightest, most cheery room in the house.  I’ve gathered quite a few puzzles for mom to work on at her table when she needs a break from us.  :) I’m hoping it will be like her own little retreat.

One thing you can’t see in the picture above is what lies beneath the light blue bedspread.

DSC_0177 Yep.  The softest and warmest set of fleece sheets I have ever felt.  They are a-ma-zing!  I bought a set for Dad and had them shipped to him when he got sick.  He was always cold and never missed a chance to tell me how much he loved them.  So, I thought Mom might appreciate a set on her bed here, especially since we heat with wood and her room can get chilly.  Once I felt them for myself, I knew we would be buying more. 

Now, all of our beds are fleece clad.  Yeah.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  It has made it ten times harder to get the boys out of bed in the morning!!  Lol!

I wrote once about what makes the window in the next picture such a sentimental keepsake.  I decided to hang it in Mom’s room.DSC_0149

I think she’ll like looking at it as much as I do. 

Below, is her bright sunny new bathroom.  DSC_0147My husband has been wonderful about making sure we’ve done whatever we can to make Mom’s stay more comfortable.  He even installed a higher toilet and secured a grab bar right next to it.  He’s such a good guy! :)

This is a close-up of the little snowman nightlight I put together for the vanity.  DSC_0150

The boys asked if they could have one in their bathroom.  By the time they’ve all brushed their teeth, it would no doubt look like it snowed all over the jar, lol!  And who knows if it would survive one of their sock wars.  Let’s face it, some things are not very well-suited to a boys’ bathroom.  :)

So far, the long range forecast is showing nice weather.  Pray it doesn’t change!  It wouldn’t be much fun driving for hours and hours on slippery roads!


Mari said...

It looks wonderful and I know she'll love it! That nightlight is adorable!

Christine said...

Have a safe trip.
You are so sweet to think of all the little touches in making her room feel special and retreat-like.
Your comment about a snow globe in the boys' bathroom looking like it really snowed made me smile.
Good luck getting to watch a girly show!