Monday, October 28, 2013

Any Ideas Or Advice?

Mom and I talk every day on the phone now that Dad is gone.  I know the days are long for her.  And the nights are even longer.  They were incredibly close and the adjustment is not going to be easy.  Especially with the holiday season around the corner.

She has some home repairs scheduled for the next few weeks, compliments of a program designed to help the aged.  But when they are finished, we’ve decided to try to get her out here to Indiana for at least the holidays.

And that’s where I could really use some advice.  She is mobile, but can’t be on her feet or sitting for too long.  She is tall, and her knees do not bend all the way to fit in tight spaces. 

Mom and Dad have always drove when they came out to see us, stopping often to stretch.  But she doesn’t drive very much.  So I’m not at all sure what means of transportation would be best at this point.

She has never flown.  And I wouldn’t dream of her letting her fly alone now.  I’m not even sure she could sit comfortably in a plane.  However, there is an outside chance that my cousin might be willing to fly out with her, or maybe even drive her.   

Mom agreed to explore options on her end, and I would do the same on my end.  And then we’ll figure out the best plan.  But we both agree…having her out here would be good for all of us this holiday season.

Please pray we find a way to make it happen.  And if you have any ideas or advice, let me know!  We so appreciate your continued prayers!!


Mari said...

I think that's a great plan. I wish I had an idea for you on how to make it happen, but I will pray!

Christine said...

My first thought was having one of you fly to her, then drive back in her car. I guess your cousins thought of that, though.
Other than that, no suggestions of the top of my head.
I'm sure she would be much happier to spend the holidays with your lovely family, though. You'll find a way.

Adminswife said...

I have taken Amtrak from Chicago to Minot, ND. There is a LOT of room between the seats. It takes forever to get to your destination. You can walk around, eat when you want, and stretch out for a nap. It is cheaper than the gas it would cost to drive, if you are the only one buying a ticket.

Cheryl Z said...

I think it's great that your mom will be visiting for the holidays. We have been looking at travel arrangements for the summer from TX to PA and came across Amtrak's website. The cost seems equivalent to flying and there probably will be some train changes. This would allow her to be able to move around a bit. Thanks for letting us know your prayer needs.