Thursday, August 1, 2013

Those Two Are Definitely Brothers

Over the summer, my two oldest boys have been training hard for the high school soccer team.  This past Saturday night was the Alumni Game, an informal game where past players come back and play the present team.  It’s a fun night of food and fun that everyone looks forward to!

The weather was absolutely beautiful!  If you can believe it, we needed blankets and coats by the end of the night!

At one point, I looked down at my two on the sidelines and started cracking up.  They were standing in almost the exact same pose.  It was impossible not to crack up every time they stood together for the rest of the night.  It would seem that, in spite of all the ways they are different, they almost always share the same arm positions when they are standing still—left hand low and on the hip, right hand at the waist!


It’s funny.  I never noticed this before! Maybe because they don’t stand still very often! :)

Do your kids do something that marks them as siblings?? 


Mari said...

That is so funny! I see little expressions in them that are similar, but I've never noticed anything like this.

Cheryl Jordan said...

That is totally cool! My oldest and youngest sons have identical laughs. Some of this stuff must be hereditary because I noticed early on that my middle son has the same mannerisms as my Dad and being a military family we only saw my parents 1-2 times a year!

in the coop said...

That is so funny! Besides a couple of them looking identical, there isn't anything I can think of that marks them as siblings. Besides the soccer thing, of course.

How did the tryouts go?