Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Secret Spices In My Sweet Heat Cucumber Relish

Ever since I tasted an acquaintance's Sweet Heat Pickle Relish, I’ve been addicted.  I love it on hotdogs, hamburgers, and especially ham sandwiches. 

Unwilling to keep buying it at $5.50 per tiny little jar, I decided this year to try to make my own. 

I looked at countless online recipes, and experimented with lots of different spices.  We made several trial batches, each time tweaking the spices and sugar a bit.  And I think I’ve finally developed a winner!!!!

You know what the unusual spices are?  Cinnamon and All-spice!  Sounds crazy I know, but it tastes delicious!  It’s too early to post the recipe.  I want to let the jars sit a spell and then try it and see how the flavors have melded.  But I’m really really excited!


If we still love it after it has sat for a while, I’ll definitely share the recipe with you! 

I’m curious, though.  Have you ever heard of adding such spices to a pickle relish??  My mom thinks I’m daffy, lol!

Now I’m just trying to decide what to do with the previous experimental batches!  I hate to waste all that relish.  But no one wants anything but the final product now!  :)

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Mari said...

I've never heard of that type of relish, but I'd like to try it!