Friday, August 9, 2013

A Summer Highlight: Chelsea in Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium!

When the announcement was made that Chelsea would be playing in Indianapolis on August 1st, I knew the boys would flip.  Some of the world’s best soccer players of all time playing just an hour away?  There was no way we could miss it!

20130801_185739I can’t even begin to tell you how cool it was for the guys to see Juan Mata, John Terry, Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard, Eden Hazard, and Oscar (among others) in person!  I think I heard how TOTALLY awesome it was about a hundred times.  :) 

We got there almost an hour and a half early, and the boys couldn’t wait to get to their seats.  I half thought they were going to leave me in the rest room on the first floor!  Man-o-man!


They snagged a small hoard of Chelsea flags along the way.  My youngest, of course, was determined to wave his, dragging it over the head of the lady in front of us.  And blocking the view of the people behind us.  Lol!  There was just no suppressing his well of enthusiasm. 

Our seats should have come with oxygen for the aged.  I could have used a blindfold, too.  I made the mistake of looking down only once on the stairs to our seats.  After that, I didn’t dare move without my husband’s back to focus on (and hold onto!). 

I sat just out of ear-shot of the play by play streaming between my two oldest sons.  Every once in a while, I would relay a question through my husband.  Who’s that?  Which one is so-and-so?


At one point, I thought an all out fight was going to break out on the pitch.  One player started shoving another and before I knew it, both teams had converged in the middle. 20130801_213111 Exciting stuff!  Which ended in one player getting ejected. 

The crowds were cracking us up on the way out of the stadium.  Everyone waving their flags, honking their horns.  Shouting, “Go CHELSEA!” and absolutely loving that this great team had come to our home town.  It was a given that they won.  How could they not?  They’re the best!  I even saw flags flying out the windows of cars on the city loop!  I’m telling you, it was an amazing thing to be a part of!

I’m glad we got to go, even if the only seats we could afford were in the nose-bleed section.  Seeing Chelsea play was one of the highlights of our summer for the guys!

I’m having a hard time believing that school starts in just 3 days!  What was one of your summer highlights?


Christina said...

One word: awesome! How wonderful that you could share this experience with your boys!

in the coop said...

My family was at the game, too! I stayed home with the 3yo, while the rest went with my husband. They also came home with flags, and lots of awesome stories.

So fortunate we are to live so close to Indy!