Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Overall? It Was A Great First Day!


Well, so far I’m not setting any productivity record on my second day of an empty house.  This collage is my only achievement, lol!  That and playing with a couple of French apps on my phone looking for one that may help my freshman with pronunciation.   

It’s been fun, though! :)

As it turns out, all three boys had great first days yesterday.  As usual on the first day of school, I was the last one to get my homework done.  Oh how I hate all the forms!  T-E-E-dious!

My Sophomore said he thinks he’ll have a relatively easy first trimester compared to last year’s first tri.  I’m glad for his sake, since soccer takes up so much of every evening.

My Freshman will have to hustle his bustle to keep up.  He has the same soccer schedule, plus his work load is huge.  And like his mother, he gets easily distracted.

So this weekend our number one priority is to get Mr. Freshman’s room set up as his quiet and clutter-free work space.  Something that will no doubt require epic prodding by his dear and only-looking-out-for-his-best-interest mother.  And a bottle of Fabreeze.

But he didn’t get lost at school.  He took notes on everything he needed to do.  And, he got all of his homework done by 11pm—beating me by almost 45 minutes.  But hey, I spent several hours at my little guy’s soccer practice.  So he had a head start, lol!

Speaking of soccer.  Both high school kids got to be part of the Varsity Soccer Picture last night!  That’s about as close to an announcement that they made the team as I think they are going to get.  They are pretty excited to know that at the very least, they will get a fair amount of playing time on varsity.  :) 

I’m really proud of the hard work they put into training.  It shows.  And I love watching them play.

I love watching all three of my kids play!

Now, I truly must do something that counts as work.  Not sure what that is.  It might be cleaning the garlic butter sauce off my dog who got into the Papa Johns pizza box.  Or it might not, lol!

But I better get moving. Tonight is a repeat of last night’s schedule so I only have two hours left to be productive!


Mari said...

Glad the first day went well. I remember all those forms and I'm glad I'm done with that part!

in the coop said...

I'm finally catching up with my reading. The boys are so big and handsome. I'm glad the school year and the soccer year are off to a good start.