Thursday, August 15, 2013


It’s been quite a while since I posted an update on Dad’s fight with esophageal cancer.  Many have been asking how he’s doing.  In his own words, he is hanging in there. 

The brief course of chemo he endured in the early spring seemed to help for a few months.  And the beautiful summer weather has allowed him to do what he loves best-- sit on the porch, watch the birds and deer, and enjoy being outdoors.  I can’t help but think of the mild summer as a wonderful gift from God just for my Dad.   

This is the covered patio side of the old farmhouse.  It faces east and he loves to sit in the warm morning sun.  This picture was taken from what used to be nothing but vegetable gardens when I was growing up.  Many were the rows of peas and onions I sat there and weeded. :)


Over the years, we have enjoyed many family picnics sitting on the porch.  The kids play in the yard while the adults laugh and talk.  This picture of Dad was taken a few years ago at once such family picnic.DSC_0040

My brother and his wife live just beyond that old chicken coop and they join us when we are out east visiting.



The view down across the crick where I used to catch crayfish and up to the pond has always been pretty.  :)

He still loves company, and talking on the phone.  But I know he has his sad times, too, as do we all.  Mom feels the cancer has begun to grow again based on the increasing difficulty Dad has with eating.  Watching and caring for him is hard for her on many levels.

I guess that’s partly why I haven’t written much about how things are going.  Forcing myself to evaluate and articulate where things stand is hard.  It’s so much easier to let life distract me from thinking about inevitable things. 

I’ll try to do better, though, because your prayers for Mom and Dad and our family are SO appreciated! 

This would be a very hard road to walk alone.

I’m thankful every day that we do not have to do so.  Friends are another of God’s wonderful gifts.


in the coop said...

Such a beautiful place. Thank you for the update on your dad. I've been praying...

Mari said...

You certainly grew up in a beautiful place. I'm glad your brother is nearby. Thanks for the update - will keep praying!

Cheryl Jordan said...

I continue to pray for you and the family. I absolutely love the pictures, how I miss that place.