Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Annual Fall Camping Trip

Each year, we try to go camping during the boys’ fall break.  This year, we went to Hardy Lake, a State Park in Southern Indiana.  Although it was damp and rainy during most of our stay, it was still beautiful!IMAG0231-1

We took lots of walks around the park.IMAG0222-1  This is one of the trails we took to the lake.


The park has a very nice beach, and we enjoyed hanging out there several times.


I would love to go back during the summer!


Of course, there was plenty of soccer.  :)


And plenty of GREAT food!


Here is our camp.  Our pop-up is on the left.  The camper on the right belongs to friends that went with us. IMAG0209 If I had to share one tip about setting up camp, it would be to STAKE everything down VERY well.  It’s much easier than trying to cleanup after a strong storm.  Lol!  Trust me!!  You would think we would learn.  We always get at least one straight-line wind storm to test our preparedness.  This time it didn’t do too much damage.  :)

This was such a great picture of two of our friends, I had to share it.  :)


I tried to get a candid picture of my little guy, but you never know what you’ll get!  Lol!


That goes for big guys, too!  Ha!  What is it about boys and gross stuff?  That must have been one huge fish!IMAG0216

And since I hardly ever share family pictures, here is one of our whole gang.  :)

profile 3

Camping is one of our favorite things to do in the fall. 

What is your favorite fall activity?


Mari said...

What a beautiful place! We used to camp quite a bit and really enjoyed it. Now we have a hard time because of our schedules, but would love to go again.
Loved your pictures of the family and the boys.

in the coop said...

We've never been to Hardy Lake. Your pictures make me want to go, though. Maybe an adventure for the family next summer. Glad you had a nice time away, despite the weather.

Christina said...

How beautiful! We actually went on a fall camping trip (but in September because snow is already flying here) too. It was the best family vacation we have had so far!