Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chickens: I Hate To Even Go Here, But I Must…

Yes, another installment to the story of our chickens. 

As you remember, we added five little hens to our flock of three, bringing the total to eight.  And everything was going very well.

Until one day last week.

When I heard one of them crowing.  Drat!

This morning I staked out the pen to see who the culprit was, and discovered there were TWO separate crowers.

Double drat!!

So I came back in to do some online research and discovered I likely had THREE roosters out there.

Triple drat!!! 

Here are the five as they look now.

all five 3

And here are the three “hens” that I now think are roosters.

The first one has tufts of feathers sticking out of the sides of it’s head.  He cracks me up.

tufted white winged 3

This next one is kind of the dominant one.  If there is any food to be given, he is first in line.  No ifs ands or 3

This last one is my favorite.  It is the most mild mannered out of the three, and I think the most beautiful.

red winged 3

And alas, I just got confirmation from several people on Backyard Chickens that I have three boys and two girls.  Shoot.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with them, lol!

Anyone have any ideas?????

Anyone want one???


Mari said...

:) Good luck with that! I don't need any.

in the coop said...

My kids love a good rooster and noodles! We already have one, so no thanks on the offer :)