Monday, October 31, 2011

It’s Tradition!

There are a whole  bunch of things that are tradition for us around this time of year.  One of them seems to be having a little soldier walk in the school costume parade!

School parade

(Every one of my boys has gone as a soldier at least once.)  My little guy’s fall party was Friday, and it was so much fun to go play games with his class.  I like being a homeroom mother.  :)


Our own fall cookout took place on Saturday.  The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time with friends gathered around the campfire.  Unfortunately, my pictures of the evening all came out fuzzy.  So just imagine a whole BUNCH of people gathered around that fire pit laughing and carrying on over bowls full of chilli.  :)  And don’t forget to imagine a yard full of hooligans running around with flashlights and keeping the neighbors up. 


This pumpkin did not get carved.  He decided to deflate the morning after we brought him home!  We have never had that happen before!  Too funny!   I guess it was all the warm weather we’ve had lately.  Anyway, from the top, he looks marvelous, doesn’t he?  Lol!

scratch craft

At our cook out, we did little “scratch off” crafts in the shape of pumpkins, ghosts and cats.   When they were finished, we hung them on a tree and watched them dance in the wind. I bought them on sale after Halloween last year from Oriental Trading and I’m really glad I did!  They were a big hit! (I need to remember to check their sales again this year!)

What a fun weekend!

Tonight is our annual fall hayride.  I still have to get the trailer ready, but I think I have everything gathered.  I’m hoping my older boys will be in a helpful mood when they get home and offer to pull the bales of straw out of the barn for me.  :)  Hoping is the key word!  Lol!

Have a wonderful and safe time with your kiddos if you trick or treat tonight!


Mari said...

That is one cute little soldier! You campfire area looks great - what a nice place for a night out.

Christina said...

Your autumn activities sound delightful!