Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall In Indiana

The other night, my husband and I spent time on the porch simply enjoying the colors of fall.  The dark clouds and blue sky made the perfect backdrop for the golden leaves.   

This is looking towards the pond in the back of our yard.

porch view

Here’s another view, not zoomed in as much.

porch 2

Then, if you looked just slightly to the left, you would see this.  Pictures never quite do the vibrancy justice.  But it was pretty!

porch 3

My husband has the skid loader out to replace a leaking hydraulic hose.  But it’s color is perfect, isn’t it?  Lol!

It was such a quiet evening.  Cool and calm, and beautiful.

Of course we weren’t alone.  porch 5

There is always at least one cat who insists on being included.  :)

I’m so glad we added the two porches onto the house last year.  We are certainly enjoying them!  And this year, it will be wonderful to host our annual neighborhood bonfire Saturday and have the porches for people to hang out on as well. 

In fact, I’m off to go decorate for it right now.  We like to put a few fall-themed things out, along with some party lights.  You have to have party lights, right??  :)  I’ll try to post some pictures later in the week.  We’ll see if my internet connection cooperates.  It has been more down than up lately. 

So tell me, what is your favorite fall decoration?  Maybe it will give me some more ideas!!!

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Mari said...

Your yard is so pretty - looks like a park!