Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still Enjoying Soccer!

Yes, we’re still a soccer family!  In fact, there are now three boys involved.  :) My Little Guy joined a YMCA team this fall.  soccer practice

He has absolutely loved it!  That’s him in the navy shirt.

We were a little afraid he might play too aggressively, since he plays like a badger with teenagers at home. 

However, not to worry, he’s a totally different kid on the field!  It’s a riot!  We sit on the sidelines yelling, “GO GET THE BALL!!!!!” and he glances over like we are C-razy. 

My older two sons have played offence on their team this fall. And they LOVE it.  In the past, they have held mostly defensive positions.  It has been a complete joy to watch them develop as players. 

Soccer takes up a huge part of our schedule.  I don’t know why I haven’t shared more pictures and stories from our adventures.  Probably because they hate it when I take their pictures. 

Unless I can sneak one in at practice with a zoom lens like this…

soccer practice 2

Or this!  Lol!

soccer practice 3

Our Fall Break Highlight

Sunday, we went to see a college soccer game.  The IU (Indiana University) men’s team played Michigan State. 

My little guy looked totally adorable in is soccer shirt and IU hat.

By the time I got out my phone to take a picture, his older brother had turned my “adorable fan” into gangster.  Lol! 

IU game 4

We had a wonderful time at the game which ended in a tie! IU game 1

This fellow above had my boys in awe.  He could throw the ball CLEAR across the field and land it right in front of the net. 

What a fun day!

IU game

The young men on those teams have worked very hard to earn their place.

I wonder if I’ll be sitting there watching one of my sons play some day…  It’s a fun thought.  :)

So there you have it--an update on what’s been taking the lion’s share of our time.  How about you?  What dominates your schedule these days??

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Christina said...

I love the peek into your soccer-busy life! Hmmm...dominating my schedule has been baby feeding, boy caring, laundry and dishes, plus a little bit of crafty time for me tucked into the nooks and crannies. : ) Typical mom stuff, but I like it.