Monday, May 2, 2011

Field Trip!

Although I’ve taken many children on field trips as a teacher, this is the very first time I’ll be going as “just a mom” with one of my own boys!  My husband has gone on quite a few.  But not me.

In the case of my older sons, there was always a little brother at home that needed me.  It feels strange to be able to go on any field trip I choose now.  :)

And where are we going?  The ZOO!!  In the rain, no less!  Lol!  (I know how to debut, don’t I??)

It was funny watching my older sons’ reaction as we planned.  They weren’t sure whether to feel jealous or sorry for their little brother at having Mom go. 

I’ll try to catch a few pictures with my cell and post some later.

How about you?  What is the most memorable fieldtrip you’ve ever gone on—either as a student, or as a parent?


Mari said...

Have fun!
I went with my kids on their trip to the state capitol - Lansing, which is a 2 hour drive for us. That meant 2 hours back and for on a bus filled with 4th graders. :)

Christina said...

Sounds exciting! When I was in fourth grade we got to tour a radio station with was pretty amazing. I loved that my mom was one of the ones who was there.