Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Trip To The Indianapolis Zoo

In spite of the cold rainy day, we had a wonderful time with my son’s kindergarten class!  These were some of our favorite animals.

Big Cats

Cheetahs.  They looked so regal, sitting there.


Elephants, of course! 


Rhinoceroses.  They are such big animals!


Jellyfish.  Just amazing.  We sure have a creative God!


Sharks.  The children just LOVED to pet these sharks!  In fact, we had to visit the shark pool twice.  Lol!


Giraffes. This one was enjoying some kind of fruit slices.  We laughed as we watched them reach out and snatch the fruit with their incredibly long tongues!


Dolphins.  The dolphins could swim all around this observation room.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get really good pictures of them.  But it was neat to watch them!

dolphins swimming 


And penguins.  Oh my goodness!  These guys were putting on quite the show!  The kids giggled and ran from window to window as the comical birds dove and swam like little bullets.

So, which animal do you think my son enjoyed the most? 


You DID say SHARKS, right? :)

It was so much fun to go along on this fieldtrip—even in the rain!  And while we were there, I learned a few things:

  1. It is much harder to go on field trips as a mom than as a teacher.  At least as a teacher, I knew all the names of the children!
  2. You can’t have too many adults taking kindergarteners to the zoo. 
  3. Because…(surprise) 6-year-olds scatter like the wind every chance they get!!  And when you are still learning their names, you need LOTS and LOTS of hands!!
  4. My husband can turn a suspension bridge into a thrill ride the kids won’t soon forget!  And neither will the poor mom with a stroller who wisely backed off…Lol!
  5. There is a hole in the sole of my right shoe.  My toes were never so happy to get home and into a warm dry sock!!

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Mari said...

Looks like a great trip, but I can dse that you would be tired after that day!