Thursday, April 28, 2011

Non-Conventional Bed Frame

My son’s loft bed would have taken up a huge amount of space in the new bedroom.  So, sadly, moving that in wasn’t really an option. 

But since he wanted to move in right away, I decided to try something on a whim.Bookshelf bed

My husband left two very large book cases in the room that wouldn’t fit in his new office space.  One was exactly the size of a twin mattress.  See where I’m going?  Lol!

We put that shelf on it’s back and flopped the mattress on top.  Then we slid it up against the larger bookshelf.  Instant bed and headboard!

I was concerned at first that the shelves of the “frame” might not stay upright.  I still think I need to put a couple tiny screws in the side of each shelf to keep them from shifting or collapsing to the bottom.  But with two days of flouncing and sleeping without any mishaps, I’m thinking this is a great temporary bed. 

And a bonus?  He has lots of dust-free storage under his bed!  That is, if he doesn’t mind lifting his mattress to get to it!  Lol!  Good thing he’s young and strong!

Oh, the things we mom’s will do…


Kathy said...

I think that' s a fabulous idea. A few "hold me up" screws is a good idea. I love thinking outside the box (spring and frame), and this fits the bill. What a gret idea.

Mari said...

I think you are brilliant!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a great idea. I would never have thought of that!