Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What’s The Craziest Use For A Baby Stroller You Can Think Of?

We bought this beautiful Evenflow stroller new for my youngest son and we absolutely loved it.  It was a dream to push, and the screen, which you could pull down and clip to the tray, was awesome for evening walks.  It kept the mosquitoes circling instead of biting, plus it made it harder for him to toss his toys overboard.  Lol!

Sadly, in the course of cleaning out for our Office-To-Bedroom Transformation, I decided to sell it. 

I went over it thoroughly to make sure it was clean and ready for a new baby.  Then I listed it on Craig’s List.


In no time at all, I had someone arrange to come pick it up. 

With mixed emotions about letting it (and this stage of life) go, I opened the door to a young couple.

They immediately exclaimed how perfect it was.  (Of course.)

I handed her the instruction manual and started to explain why the car seat latches were removed and carefully stored in a baggie.  But the young woman shook her head.  “Don’t worry about it.” she said.  “We don’t have any kids.  We’re going to use it for our two bulldogs.  They hate to walk.”

Yep.  Her two bulldogs.  Can you believe it?  All I could think was, “I just spent all that time cleaning and sanitizing this beloved stroller so they can sit their bulldogs in it? 

You have to laugh!

I sure hope those dogs know how good they have it!!  Lol!


Mari said...

Oh my word! That stroller is too nice for dogs. I guess it's good it sold, but it would have easier to let it go, knowing a sweet baby would be using it.

Kathy said...

Now, that IS a first for me. I'd not heard of that use before, and I'm not sure what I'd do if I ever see it. : ) So, how did you feel about it? Did you want to retract your offer, or atleast double the price??? : )

Keetha Broyles said...

Not to mention you COULD have kept it yourself for YOUR "two bulldogs."

Now, isn't there something very American and very WRONG about giving in to lazy dogs and pushing them in a stroller???? Aren't dogs SUPPOSED to be WALKED for exercise????

Debby@Just Breathe said...

When I worked in a Hallmark store back a few years ago we had an older woman who came in the store with her dog in a stoller. It was her baby!

The Real Me! said...

Oh for crying out loud. Are you serious? LOL! I would have said, "Never mind you can't have it!" LOL!

Have a super duper day my friend.

Susie said...

Thanks for the good laugh! I can just picture those two bulldogs going for a ride, but how sad for your lovely stroller!! :)