Friday, March 25, 2011

Hug Your Children

My 13 year old son called this morning from a friend’s cell phone shortly after 7:00. 

“Mom,” he said, “There was a shooting here at school.  The SWAT guys are here and we’re all on lock down.”

“Are you O.K.?


“Where are you?”

“Uh, (commotion) …we’re in the cafeteria.  But we’re being herded into the hallway.”  He said. 

“Is your brother with you?  Can you see him?”

“Yeah, he’s O.K.”

“Is D—(a close friend) with you?”


“And you are all O.K.?”


“Do what the teachers tell you, and keep me informed.”

“O.K.”  And then he hung up. 

My husband hadn’t left for work yet and we turned on the local radio station to find out more.  The announcer was just getting information on the shooting and giving out sketchy details.  He announced that a Lifeline had been dispatched to the school, and would be arriving shortly.

I was SO glad to have just spoken with my son.  It would have been impossible not to panic, had he not called.

For the next three hours, we and other parents waited anxiously.    It’s a situation that you never dream will happen in your town.  Let alone your child’s school. 

Parents who hadn’t heard anything were frantic to get to the school.  But of course, you couldn’t get anywhere near the street, much less the building.  So we waited at home in front of the T.V., alternating watching coverage with listening for new information from the radio.  Waiting for word of when and where we could go and pick up our children.

I can’t describe to you how it feels to helplessly watch as SWAT guys in full riot gear patrol the roof of your children’s school. 

At 1:00, we were finally allowed to go to the school and pick up the boys.  The scene was one I’ll never forget.

We are SO thankful our own boys are safe.  But we are also heartbroken for the families involved in this tragedy.

One student shot another twice in the stomach, and the entire community is reeling. 

Our church is holding a special prayer meeting tonight.   Students and their families are encouraged to attend.

Pray for the boy who was shot.  I’m hearing at this point that he is out of surgery and in stable but critical condition.  Pray for his family.  For his friends.  For the many students in shock.  And for the teachers and administrators.

And pray for the shooter.  These two families (and many others) will never be the same.

Then hug your kids. 


Mari said...

That is the kind of thing that you never think will happen to you or your kids. I'm so sorry that your kids were there and now have to deal with this, and I'll certainly pray for all involved.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

This just breaks my heart. I am so thankful to God that your boys are okay. I will definately pray for the families involved in this and especially for the boy who was shot.

The Real Me! said...

Good Golly! What a blessing for your son to be able to call, all the while knowing that when you heard about it you would have been freaking out thinking about where he was and if he was okay.
Things like this are happening every day. It's so scary!
Praying for these families!

Kathy said...

Wow. I just had to hold my breath until I finished reading this post. I am so very sorry. I pray grace and comfort for your community of school families, and especially your own. Blessings.