Wednesday, March 16, 2011

File Cabinet Make-Over

file drawers 1

My husband found these file drawers at a yard sale and immediately saw software storage.  But they wound up in the shed where all good projects go while waiting their turn.

Since we are CLEANING OUT in the largest sense of the word, it was Do Or Die for these little drawers.  Now Or Never.  The Office Or the Donation Bin.  (You get the picture!)

So I wiped them down and started with a coat of Rust-oleum’s Rust Reformer.   As I’ve said before on other projects, it’s a frugal-minded-rusty-junk keeper’s very best buddy.  It has saved countless things that otherwise would have been tossed.

Then I gave the the drawers a coat of black enamel spray paint.  Black was the best choice since I’m not sure exactly how or where they will be used.

file drawers 2

They didn’t turn out half bad!  They’re now ready to pick up the slack and make themselves useful.  Lol!

Now an update on the overwhelming project we’ve recently begun: 

Operation Office-To-Bedroom Transformation

Like the name?  I think it needs one since the project is taking on a life of its own.

I suppose we’re making progress.  However, as with any home improvement project, it often gets worse before it gets better.  And one project often spawns another.  Or in our case several.

I’ve reorganized the closets, consolidating, donating, and pitching what I could.  But not coming up with as much space as we needed, I moved on to the shed. 

Although I made lots of space out there, we need to insulate and finish it if it is going to house heat sensitive electronic equipment. 

So I moved to the garage, wondering if I could make enough temporary storage to hold the recently packed boxes till we get the shed done.  (I’m not keen on them hanging out in my living room.)

At that point, my husband decided it might be a good time to relocate our water heater.  He wants to move it from a central hall closet to the newly freed garage space.

You get the picture yet?  I’m not pulling my hair out.  But I’m close.  Fanatical organizer that I am, jugging all of this chaos has me craving large doses of chocolate.  Lol!  

So as much for me as for you who are wondering what is keeping me from blogging, I’m going to try to organize our project list.

  1. Insulate and finish the shed.
  2. Move shelving into shed to house my husband’s computer collection.
  3. Finish cleaning out the garage, office, living room, etc. of things that can be stored out there.
  4. Move the water heater to the garage.
  5. Create a work area in the garage for my husband to work on electronic projects.
  6. Repaint the office.
  7. Replace the carpet.
  8. Move my oldest son’s things into his new room

That’s not the end of our renovation list.  But that’s enough to list for now!

I’ll try to show you our progress as we go.  It’s just that, up till now, the progress is not real obvious.  In fact, you might wonder what I’ve been up to!

I’m missing hopping around to all your blogs!  Maybe tonight, I’ll get a chance to grab a chocolate bar and visit with you!  But for now, I’m prepping the shed for insulation that I hope to get up tonight and tomorrow.

Enjoy the sunshine!!!!


Mari said...

You are busy! The file cabinets turned out great though. You're right about projects - they really do create more projects!

Kathy said...

I think the storage cabinets turned out great. There's something about a fresh coat of paint that just makes them a bit more usable, or atleast inviting anyway! : )