Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It Is Confirmed!

My husband has confirmed it’s “slicker than snot” out there!  Lol!  This morning, he went out to help other neighborhood men spread salt on our road’s hills. 


I sure hope we don’t get too much more ice, though I know they are still calling for the main ice storm to hit us in the next few hours.

Think we should just turn out the lights and start getting used to it?  I probably shouldn’t joke like that, should I?  

Yesterday, I baked like a woman possessed.  And the guys filled enough buckets of water to hopefully out-last an outage.   

Feb ice 011

We shall see!  We’re starting to pick up more freezing rain as I type. So this may be my last entry for a while.  Pray we don’t lose power for too long! 

For those of you who are catching a piece of this storm, stay safe, y’all!

And if you live in Florida, heh-hem, please refrain from telling me how warm it is outside right now.  O.K.?  Lol!  (You know who you are!)


Mari said...

The storm (the news people are calling it a "historic snow storm") is starting here now. Suddenly it's snowing like crazy!
I like your top picture!
Stay warm!

The Real Me! said...

LOL! I'm not saying a word!! You know I love you girlie and I'll pray that you won't lose power at all. How's that? See I got your back.

Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping this post was confirming a pregnancy or something!!!! :)

It's all related, I suppose. :o}

Haddock said...

....and that looks inviting (what you baked)