Monday, January 31, 2011

So He Tells The Snow To Fall, eh?

Back steps 1 God's voice thunders in marvelous ways;

He does great things beyond our understanding.

HE SAYS TO THE SNOW, "FALL ON THE EARTH" and to the rain shower, 'Be a mighty downpour.'

SO THAT ALL MEN HE HAS MADE MAY KNOW HIS WORK, he stops every man from his labor.

Job 37:5-7

Like everyone else, we’re watching that storm that’s brewing in the west and wondering what our portion will be.  They’re predicting an inch of ice for our part of Indiana.  A blizzard, for those lucky enough to live farther north. 

Either way, living on the steepest hill in the state, you have to be prepared! 

Yesterday afternoon, my oldest son and I did the preparedness shopping while my husband took the other two boys to the walk-in clinic at Walgreens.  (I’m so thankful for that clinic!!)  We’ve gone and added the flu to our family’s nasty cold mix.  I don’t recommend it.

So besides the normal bread, milk, and eggs, we got an oil lamp and a half a grocery cart of flu medication.   

It’s kind of funny.  Any which way you cut it, it looks like I’ll have boys home with me most of this week.  I just hope they aren’t sick through all the winter fun!

If we don’t lose power, I’ll try to post pictures of our “fun”, lol!

Now, God, if you don’t mind, I’d like a blizzard, hold the ice, please. 

Pretty please? :)

I took the picture above at our home in Pennsylvania on Christmas Day, 2002 looking out our back door.  Here’s a picture taken the same day, looking out our front window.  I miss snows like this.  :) 

droopy tree 1

We’ll see what this week brings!  If you are getting a portion of this storm, I’d love to hear what you are expecting!  :) 


The Real Me! said...

I'm just not envious my friend. I know you tried hard to make that icey, snowy, fluey, (You like that? I made it up. LOL) conditions appealing but I'm just not buying it. HA!
And do you really want to know what our weather is going to be like?
It's actually going to be 82 here in 2 days and then stay in the mid 70's for the next 10 days. Maybe a little rain but nothing major.
Shall I get your bed ready? LOL!
I do hope you all the sickies feel better soon. Stay warm and cozy my friend.

Tracey said...

We're getting rain! How smart of you to stock up - hope the sickness passes quickly and you get all the snow your heart desires. ;)

Mari said...

I'm hoping all these weathermen have it wrong! They tell us we will get between 12-18 inches! And - I have to work Wednesday when most of it is expected, so they are already telling me to plan to stay until it's clear. I'm not looking forward to this!
Your ice and blizzard don't sound good either!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE snow - but you can keep the ice:) - We've been really pleased with the Kroger Clinic where we are. I love a snow adventure - but apparently, we are about a hour below you and won't get any - Sniff! I'm hoping, though.

BTW - just a curious question - your header picture - is your adorable baby sleeping on a Wal-Mart swing? Our fav swing that the boys wore out looked just like that. They haven't made another one like it yet - and I loved it like I love snow!

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