Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do Tell! Who Was On Your Lunch Box?

I saw this Holly Hobbie lunch box on Ebay and was immediately transported to my elementary school cafeteria! The smells!  The sounds!  It was like it was yesterday.  Holly Hobbie lunch box

Every day, Mom packed the same lunch for me.  Peanut Butter and Jelly on white bread and two chocolate chip cookies.  My thermos was always filled with iced tea.  Always.

I studied every side of that lunch box and compared it to the boxes my friends carried.  I remember getting my finger pinched in the handle sometimes.

Mrs. Wallace walked the isles between tables calling…

“No trading, boys and girls!” 

“Clean up your trash!”

“No one is lining up until it is QUIET!”

Thinking of her makes me smile.  She was definitely intimidating.  However, we all loved her.  She had a chair against the wall on which she kept her coffee can of bleach water.  If you had something in your lunch that you didn’t like, you were free to leave it next to the can on her chair.  In turn, she would hand those things out to the children who hadn’t much of their own.  Sweet, sweet lady.

Mom packed one identical to this one for Dad.

Dad  I always felt sorry for him having to carry such a boring box.  Lol!

I’m positive I had this Walt Disney one, too.  But Mom doesn’t remember it.  Isn’t it funny how vivid some childhood memories can be?  Especially when there are sounds and smells involved!

disney 1 disney 2 I’m pretty SURE I had this Strawberry Shortcake box, too.  I used to wonder what the inside of the apple house looked like!shortcake

Sadly, I never had an “Emergency!” lunch box.


Or one with Evel Knievel on it.  Lol!

Evel Knievel

If you want to stroll down memory lane, do an EBay search for “metal lunch box.”  I guarantee you’ll be smiling at all the fun ones you remember!

What was on your lunch box?  Don’t be bashful!  I really want to know! 


Keetha Broyles said...

I never HAD a lunch box! We walked home for lunch and on the FEW occasions when we had to stay at school for lunch we usually carried our lunch in a paper bag. On very rare occasions indeed we PURCHASED the school lunch.

Anonymous said...

Cute and nostalgic post!

Disney train on one-- it had every Disney character on a train and Scooby Doo and the gang on the other.

Anonymous said...

Cute and nostalgic post!

Disney train on one-- it had every Disney character on a train and Scooby Doo and the gang on the other.

Mari said...

What fun this is! I had a plaid red and black lunch box. I still remember the little thermos that went with it!

Tracey said...

I want that Holly Hobbie lunch box!! I think I actually had a blue one as a child, while I believe my sister had that exact Strawberry Shortcake lunch box.

What a sweet walk down memory lane!

EasyLunchboxes (Kelly Lester) said...

The Brady Bunch! I loved them so much, I even invited 'Greg Brady' to be the guest on my first episode of my new musical web series, "Let's Do Lunch!" You can watch it here:

Saleslady371 said...

I am so old I can't even remember what my lunchbox was! I know I had one though!

SarahZ said...

Mari, I remember the red plaid ines...I'm sure one of my 4 sisters had one..but mine? It as POPEYE! Complete with circling sharks! Fun post!

Kathy said...

There is no smell quite like the one of the crust of a PBJ with a little bit of the peanut butter left on it after it's been sitting in the lunch box all afternoon. : ) Yes, the memories.

In my house, it was a lunch pail. My Mom and Dad must've been some frugal and serious ice-cream lovers because our lunch pails were those 1 gal. ice cream buckets. Yes, a carrot stick & PBJ could rumble around in there like nobody's business. Truly. My Dad was a struggling young rancher at the time, and my Mom was very resourceful. That is something I take great delight in. Thanks for letting us all take this walk down memory lane with you!