Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who Said It’s Not Fun To Drive On The Ice?!

ice fun on the green machineUnfortunately, I can’t drive the boys’ Green Machine to the grocery store!  Lol! 

In spite of their fun, the boys didn’t last long because of how crummy they were feeling.  They came in, turned on a movie, and tunneled under a mountain of blankets. 

We ended up getting a half inch of ice, followed by two inches of sleet.  At some point during the storm, it all solidified into a rock-hard solid layer of white ice.  You can’t chop it.  And with the cold temps, the salt isn’t doing any good either.

The main roads are fine.  It’s the getting-to-one that’s the problem!  Lol! I guess that’s why they closed school for tomorrow, too.   

As a side note, My husband and oldest son came down with the flu yesterday morning.  I’m the only hold-out now. 

My oldest doesn’t seem to be feeling too badly and is enjoying the extra snow days.

My husband on the other hand is feeling pretty cruddy.  If he didn’t have pressing things to sign off on at work, he would have stayed in bed.  I’m hoping he can leave a little early.

I have a pot of chicken soup all ready for dinner.  :)

At the moment, the sun is shining brightly in a vivid blue sky, making everything all sparkly. sunshine 003Sometimes I imagine God playing around with his cosmic Photoshop, saying, “Hmm.  Let’s give things the “Sparkle” effect and see how that looks.” 

I like it.  :)

Thanks for letting me just ramble today.


Mari said...

That's a lot of ice! It does look pretty in the sun.
Hope that sickness leaves your house soon!

The Real Me! said...

Cosmic photoshop! I like it! I sure do hope you hold out and never get sick my friend. When Momma goes down it ain't good! LOL!
Here's hoping everyone gets well super quick.

Christina said...

Your ice photos are stunning! I hope your family is back to 100% soon.