Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Funnies: Can You Hear Me Now?

Back story: 

  • My Motorola Backflip gets no signal inside our house.  If I want to make a call from home, I have to walk out to the road and hang out at the mailbox.  Three paces to the right.  I wish I were kidding.
  • My husband has the “Green Acres” theme song for his ring tone.  (He usually has the volume either low or off.  Which is a good thing.  Because I can’t imagine his phone going off in a business meeting.  Lol!)  He also has the entire “Green Acres” series on DVD.  It cracks me up.
  • My husband is ever helpful, impulsive, unpredictable.  And I find it endearing. 

But I about died laughing when I saw this one evening. 

Green Acres

Can you spot my husband?  Do you see what he has?  Need a closer look?


Our conversation went something like this.

“Uh.  Whatchadoing up there?” I asked.

“Looking for a signal,” he said.



“On the roof?”


“Um.  Stay right there.  I have to get my camera.”

No reply.  And he was still there when I got back.

“Now,”  I asked, my giggles fogging the camera lens, “Why are you looking for signal on the roof?”

“You said you couldn’t get a signal.  (pause)  The best place seems to be on the back side of the roof.”


“So, if you really want to make a call, now you know where to stand,”  he said simply.  Still staring at the phone.

“You’ve got to be kidding.  I’m not climbing up a ladder to make a call.”

“Why not?  Oliver climbed the telephone pole every time he needed to make a call.”

Don’t you love it?

imageI’m linking up to Kim’s Friday Funnies this week.  Because, sometimes, this endearing husband of mine does things that are just too funny not to share.


The Real Me! said...

Oh my goodness! This is cracking me up!!!!!! Oh the things that happen to you all just make me smile! Thank you SO much for joining in the fun and sharing that!
Big Hugs

Donetta said...

That would be great incentive to keep you off the phone
"that's the life for me"

Penny said...

I can just imagine him doing that all with a straight face, too!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...


This is hands down, far and away, the FUNNIEST blog post I've read today!

"New York is where I'd rather stay,
I get allergic smelling hay!
I just adore a penthouse view!
Darlin' I love you but give me Park Avenue!!!"

Mari said...

He is funny! I love it!

SophieMae said...

LOLOL! That cracks me up even more, coz I can so relate! We live in a national forest and I can't get a signal inside. I have to wander around the (several-acre) yard, where once in a blue moon, I might get one bar. I don't think I'll be testing the roof, lol!

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

RaD said...

I thought it was bad that I had to sit on the porch or as close to our bedroom window as I could get to get a good signal. You've got me beat! :)