Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project Porch X 2: Footers Poured

Did I promise you pictures yesterday?  My bad.  (teen-speak for, sorry)  I must have been delusional.  Chalk it up to a day that got away from me. 

But I have them today!

It’s going to take some vision, mind you.  Because it isn’t pretty.  Yet.  :) 

Porch 1

This is the first area we are adding to.  We’ll be extending the flat roof of what we call the sunroom to almost the same length as the tall roof of the house.  It will eventually be converted to a small porch to shelter the door and (possibly) hang a porch swing.  You can see the new footers for the posts in the foreground. 

Picture the porch, bordered by flower beds, and connected to a small patio area at ground level.

And this is the second area.  Porch 2The other side of the same room.  On this side, we’ll be extending the roof much farther.  More like 14 feet, to make a large covered deck. 

We got the footers poured over the weekend, and I got to play mason’s apprentice.  You know what that means don’t you?  I got a workout helping to mix cement.  LOTS of cement.  Lol! 

I’m still feeling it in my arms.  But it was worth all my pain to show up my big bad boys.   They each took the hoe for about a minute.  I laughed when their eyes bugged out and they handed it back.  I guess Mom isn’t as old and decrepit as they make me out to be.  Of course, then I had to compare me muskles with theirs.  Lol!

stepping stone

And when we were done, I crafted this highly romantic and elegant  (yes?) stepping stone from my husband’s and my handprints.

The boys made “dog piles” and this:

stepping stone art

All in all, we had fun (if you can call it that) and the first step is complete.

We’ll be working each weekend and hopefully have both porches (minus the deck) finished by October.  Because the second week in October is when the roofers are scheduled to come out and put a new roof on the whole house. 

Changes, changes, changes!  I’ll update you as we go!


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I personally LOVE both stepping stones.

Christina said...

What an exciting new project! I love the handprint stepping stone. :D

Mari said...

How exciting! What wonderful spaces this will give you!