Friday, September 17, 2010

Crazy Woman On The Loose!

Want to join me??  I’ll promise Chocolate and Coffee!  Lol!

This has been a week of projects, soccer and a myriad of other things.  So I think the best way to catch you up is to use bullets.  If they’re good enough for Kim (Homesteader’s Heart), they’re good enough for me!  Lol!

  • House Party’s Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 3 kick-off party.  (I forgot to tell you, I’m one of the lucky ones to have been picked to host one!) Tonight is the season premier on Cartoon Network.  But we’re DVR-ing it and showing it tomorrow night at the party.  The boys can’t wait to beat the tar out of each other with the pool-noodle light sabers we made!    Star Wars Party   For favors, I hit the jack-pot at the dollar spot in Target, where I found all kinds of Star Wars items!  And did you see that Kroger has Star Wars gummies for a dollar?  Although my older boys groaned, I couldn’t resist!  Hee-hee!  I hope to tell you more about the party next week!  Oh, and those white light sabers in the foreground?  I picked them up at the Dollar Tree.  They’ll no doubt last 33 seconds.  But they LIGHT up RED and make really obnoxious sounds.  How cool is that???


  • Porch Project Update:  We poured more cement pillars to support the decking.  This week I’ve been hunting down deals un used lumber.  We picked up some laminate beams off Craig’s list last week.  But I was excited to learn of a supply warehouse that actually stocks reclaimed lumber.  We’re checking that out tonight!  We would love to save some money on the rest of the lumber we need!  More forms    It doesn’t look much different than last week.  But trust me.  We spent quite a few more hours digging more holes and mixing more cement. 


  • Peautified.  I’d like to say I’ve been beautified.  But I’m afraid it’s more like poodle-fied.  I got a perm Wednesday.  Because I refuse to give up the big hair of the eighties.                                                                                                                                                                             Only, it turned out much bigger than I imagined.  Lol!  What can I say?  I went back yesterday to get some of the “bigness” cut off.  I now have fairly short hair and lots of curls.  And no, I’m not about to take pictures for you!  :)                                                                                                                                                                               My only consolation, is that my six-year-old hasn’t said a thing.  And if you know six-year-olds, you know they would be the first to ask, “What happened to your hair?”


  • Soccer.  We’re still in the thick of fall soccer.  Practices on weeknights.  Games on weekends.  This weekend, we only have two games.  But Sunday’s game is over two hours away.                                                                                                                                                                                I love my boys, and I love soccer.  I love my boys and I love soccer.  I love my boys and I love soccer…. The Soccer Life And I do.  But, it’s kind of hard to blog (cook, clean, mow, etc.) when you spend so much time in a lawn chair.  :)

I feel like I ought to have a few more bullets.  It sure feels like my week is fuller than these measly four.  But for the life of me, I can’t think of any more. 

Maybe it’s just that I can’t think anymore!  Lol!  Like I said, want to join me?  Craziness loves company!

Have a super weekend friends.  I can’t wait to catch up with all of you real soon!!!!


Christina said...

Sure thing! I'm all for jumping on the craziness bandwagon! Lol... (oh, and your four bullet points seem to be PLENTY.)

Mari said...

I am so disappointed in you. :( You are defying the rules of blogging. You cannot mention something like your hair and then refuse to show a picture. It's just not right! I'll try to forgive you though. :)
Have fun with your Star Wars party!

The Real Me! said...

I'll take my chocolate dark and my coffee with cream and sugar! LOL!
Actually I almost spit out my coffee when I read about me and the bullets. At first I was like yeah, she's using bullets and then I read the part where you mentioned me using them and almost lost it!
You know I love you my friend! I'm pretty sure we'd get along GREAT!

And don't be upset about only having 4 bullets. They were perfectly fine bullets, packed full of useful information! LOL!
BUT I want a picture of the hair. I got a poodle perm the day before picture day in 11th grade. It was HORRIBLE! Just sent it to me via email! I promise not to laugh or make fun (to your face!). Hee! Hee!
Okay I'm done writing my book.
You can't say that I don't leave heartfelt comments! Ha!