Monday, September 20, 2010

Porch Project Update: Materials

Looky here what the UPS man brought me last week! 

New Toy

Gee, I wonder who could have ordered this?  :)  My name may have been on the shipping label.  But I promise you, a nail gun wasn’t on my shopping list!  Lol!

It’s a Porter Cable nail gun for framing, and it had the best reviews (I’m told).  After trying it out on some really hard lumber, my husband thinks it will work fine and speed up the building process.  Yay! 

I happen to think it will also make him the envy of every man on the block!

As far as lumber goes, we were able to snag the perfect laminated 2x4 beam from the used supply place.  The beams we got off Craig’s list turned out to be too large.  So we’ll probably resell them.

Then, we picked up (or ordered) the rest of our lumber from Lowes.  A time consuming and UN-exciting task.  Just ask our boys.  There are only so many legal stunts (translated: ones that don’t make Mom freak out) you can do with a cart while you “hang out” in the lumber isle.

I’d like to say we got farther on the project than playing with testing the nail gun.  But our soccer schedules were just too demanding.  That, and the Star Wars party we hosted on Saturday evening.  (I’ll tell you more about that later this week!) 

Since we need to have our porches finished by the second week of October, we’re hoping to begin construction this week! 

Stay tuned for further updates!


The Real Me! said...

OH a man and his nail gun. I can so relate to that my friend! LOL! After building two out buildings my husband has the nail gun thing down. LOL! It does make things a lot easier and quicker. So it was a good investment. I can't wait to see this porch thing take place.
Have a FABULOUS day my sweet friend.

Christina said...

How exciting! New tools are always fun to get. I hope your porch building progresses with record speed!

Anonymous said...

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