Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shhhhh!! It’s A Surprise!

One I’ll probably be disowned for.  But hey!  You only turn thirteen once, and a mom will go to any lengths to make the day special. 

Today, my oldest officially becomes a teenager.  Sniff.  Sniff.

Since his birthday falls midweek, and tonight we have an oral surgery appointment after school for his younger brother, I was pondering how to make the day special for him.

When I saw these at Goodwill last night, the perfect plan was born!  Look at these awesome little buddies!

Lunch Buddies

My son said he wanted to celebrate with a few “buddies”.  So how could I pass up “Mr. Bump” and “Mr. Lazy”?  Lol!  And those little green men with the gazillion bubbles?  That definitely had my son’s name on it! 

These tokens of my love will be carefully wrapped in comics and tucked in the bottom of his lunch box.  No doubt his seventh grade lunch table will be quite the party scene today!  Bubbles and buddies! I only wish I had someone there who could take a picture of his face when he opens them. 

As a back story, last year, just before his birthday, he accused me of not making any Hoop-Lahh over his birthday.  I rose to the occasion then.  And I’m still up for the challenge. :) 

There are two other events taking place today:

  • My middle son is having two teeth pulled after school.  Pray he bounces back quickly and can enjoy the evening.
  • And, my little guy starts kindergarten!!!!!!  Pray for him (and me!)  I’m sure I’ll be weepy after the bus leaves.  But I know how very shy he is, and how hard the adjustment may be.  He drew this for me yesterday, and said it was him missing me when he goes to school.

For Mom

And that note card to the side?  He told me it says, Mom is love. 

Sniff.  Sniff.  I love my boys.


The Real Me! said...

Too bad you couldn't get his teacher in on the surprise so she could have a camera handy when he opens his lunch box! LOL!
And *sniff* *sniff* for you to my friend. Mine youngest would be heading off to kindergarten if I didn't homeschool him. I'm sure he'll be fine. And what a cute thing for him to write on that card!!!
Big hugs my friend.

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to your oldest. Looks like you rose to the occasion again!
Praying for the other two today. That note from your baby is a tear jerker!