Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spontaneous Trip…Or Spontaneous Combustion

That’s the question. 

Did you ever let a spontaneous whim stick his foot in the door and then wonder what cyclone hit you?

Well, send help, cause I’m in the thick of the storm now.

Surfing the net and looking for something do over spring break (the end of March, here), I stumbled onto the Monster Truck Nationals schedule.  We missed the show when it was here in Indianapolis.  But it is scheduled this weekend for Chicago, and over our spring break in Kentucky.  Hmm.  That sounds pretty exciting for a bunch of boys who have loved monster trucks.Monster Trucks

But looking at their soccer schedule, and my husband’s business trips, I realized that the only time we could travel so far away would be this weekend. 

I’m not usually spontaneous.  I like to spend time planning and preparing.

So, I needed to set everything else aside this week to make all the arrangements.  Which grew in complexity as my husband and the boys got in on the excitement, and started adding things they want to try and see in the area.  Like Cabala's on the way up. 

And the German U-505 in Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.

U-505 Submarine

I’ve never embedded video in my site before and I’m not sure how to make this fit better.  It’s time lapse footage of the U-505 being moved to the exhibit hall.  It’s remarkable, and I thought you might like to see it.

The boys would also like to see the Sears Tower and a whole bunch of other things. 

Our crazy hopeful plans may have us spontaneously combusting by the trip’s end!  Lol!  But you can’t say we didn’t give the whole spontaneous thing a try!  We leave tomorrow when we pick up the boys from school…

I’m off to run a bunch of errands.  But I’m hoping to have a chance later to post a picture of our comical cat.  Wait till you see what happened to the poor thing!


Mari said...

That's quite something to see moved! You will have a ball and all this last minute hassle will be worth it!

Ellemes said...

What a cool video, thanks for sharing that. I can't imagine all the planning they have to do to pull off that sort of thing.

Sounds like a really fun trip! We are going to an Arenacross this weekend - great boy fun! (Although I think I'm most excited and I'm the girl going.)

Enjoy your trip.