Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reminders Of A Legacy

These rings are pretty special.  They aren’t my wedding rings.  They were my grandmother’s.My Grandmother's Ring She gave them to my mom before she died.  And my mom, in turn, gave them to me.  I’d like to tell you a little bit about what makes them special to me, besides the obvious “heirloom” thing.  

This is their original box, btw.   My Grandmother's Ring 1

Grandpop got them at Wanamaker’s, down in Philadelphia.

He was such a character!   Born in 1898, he was 70 years old when I was born and still carried on like a big kid.  Most of my memories are of him dancing around and singing the silly songs he made up.   

This is one of my favorite old photos of Grandmom and Grandpop.  I can only imagine the fun they had.  They were posing in one of those dress up shops along the Atlantic City Boardwalk.  The date on the back says 1922.  Since they didn’t marry until 1928, it must have been taken while they were dating.  A Fun Picture of my grandparents 1922Wow!  Six years of dating is almost unheard of today!

This was taken the same year, maybe the same day, at Atlantic City.  They’re obviously wearing their normal attire for this picture!  LOL!

Grandparents 1922 

My grandfather’s very first job was working in a kite factory.  He must have told us that story a hundred times.   Though, for the life of me, I can’t remember it now.

This is them on their wedding day, September 8, 1928.

Grandparents Wedding Day Sept 8 1928

He worked for the railroad most of his life, and traveled quite a bit.  An uncommon thing, back then. 

Mom has letters he wrote to his family during those trips.  They’re a hoot to read.  Full of funny tales and interesting facts about the places he visited. 

My Grandparents loved the Lord and attended church down in the Valley, as they used to say, where my grandfather served as the Sunday School Superintendent for years.  Each summer, they took their family to Bible camp, and made time to get to the shore.  

In this 1947 family portrait, my mom, the youngest of four girls, is standing behind her father.My Moms family

Thirty years later, probably about the same age as my mom was here, I remember gathering around their old piano to sing Christmas carols.  Grandpop literally pounded out the songs,  Lol!  He definitely played with zest!  Never mind that their piano needed a tuning.

Ever true to their love of swimming, they maintained a membership at the Paoli pool.  To my mind, it was as big as the ocean.  And each year, they would pick a day to take us along.  They’d pack their giant white station wagon with every imaginable sand toy under the sun, and treat us to the most delightful day of my summer.

This is how I remember them.

Grandparents as I remember them

I loved my grandparents.   

Each time we visited them, Grandpop would call me over, dig out his change purse, and pull out a quarter.  Then, while I held out my hand, he’d touch the coin to my palm and ask, “Did I ever tell you about the time I worked in the kite factory?”

Holding back a giggle, I’d shake my head no, and listen as though it were the first time.

I like to wear their rings and remember all the fun we shared together.  Theirs was a contagious kind of love.

Love for each other.  Love for their family.  And Love for the God they never missed a chance to tell us about. 

I know they weren’t perfect.  But their legacy of fun and love is one I hope to pass on to my guys.

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Ellemes said...

Very touching post. Thanks for sharing. Such a blessing to have the pictures, the rings and the memories.

Chris said...

I think that was a magnificent story.

I love the heirlooms that tell a poignant story. When my grandfather -- the greatest man I ever knew -- died, everything was divided up among the rest of the family -- all I wanted was the broken down kitchen table-- that's where we spent most of the time we spent together.

Great post!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

They sound like wonderful people who left you a great legacy of love and life!

Cecily R said...

Wow. What a legacy.

I adore that first picture of them...that's the kind of picture you could write a whole novel around.

What a wonderful tribute to your grandparents. I hope your family gets to read this post!

Cheryl said...

Great post, as always. I wonder if all grandfathers had a change purse!

The Real Me! said...

What a truly wonderful story my friend. And your grandma's rings look just like my grandma's rings. It must have been the era.
My mom still has those though.

Amy said...

Those rings and beautiful. You're lucky to have such a treasure!

Krystyn said...

What beautiful rings from your fabulous grandparents. And, a special story and heirloom to pass on.

Kathy said...

I love that story. I especially appreciate the pictures of "as time went on." You can see their own personalities brimming through! I love it. Thank you so much for sharing this part of you!

angie said...

I can't tell you how very much I enjoyed this post. Such an heirloom you've been given......and what a legacy they are leaving. So wonderful that you've written about them!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! My mouth has been open the entire time I read this post!!

Such a treasure, indeed.

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

I just love those pictures! And the ring in the original box is a true treasure. Love for each other and a Love for God, that is a beautiful and lasting legacy worthy of passing onto your kids!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful legacy for them to leave behind.

My wedding set is actually my Great Grandparents 25th anniversary set (on my mom's side). Granny was always so proud of her ring and now I'm so proud to wear it, remembering the legacy of love that has been passed down.