Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hair Cuts By Mom: Five Tips

I started cutting my boys’ hair when they were little.  My oldest is now 12 and he still won’t let anyone else cut his hair.  That’s not to say that my cuts are good.  Mostly, they're just tolerable.

In fact, there’s always the potential for me to give him a cut that will get him beat up at school.  Lol!  Ok.  Not funny.  But, hey, my boy is unarguably living on the edge! 

Here is my youngest, trying to figure out how to run a comb through his hair.  A future barber, maybe?  :)

Time For A Hair Cut

So what tips can I pass along? 

First, turn on the TV.  Find the most action packed show you can find and seat your munchkin so that he has a good view. 

Second, try not to cut his ears.  I realize they’re sticking right out there asking to be cut.  But trust me.  Having your now terrified child duck every time you try to make a cut will tempt you beyond words to cut the other one.  And that’s not good.

Third, a good set of clippers is a mom’s best friend.  It is always easier for me to get things “even” if I use clippers and the guides/combs. 

But lately I’ve been giving scissor clips my best shot since my older boys want longer hair.  Lucky for me, the shaggylopsidedlooksliketheyjustrolledoutofbedhead style is in.

Fourth, a sheet is the boys’ best friend.  I used a garbage bag early on and cut out holes for their arms and head.  Not liking how that went, I tried just draping part of a big bag around them.  But either way, boys sweat under bags and the plastic just sticks to them.  (Gross!)  

A sheet, however, breaths and keeps them much more comfortable.  If you have a crib sheet, it’s just the right size to drape around their neck and then safety pin together in the back.  (I like the safety pin instead of a clothespin because it can’t accidently come undone while they’re wiggling.)

And fifth, you have to have a good tickle brush. Kids HATE to be itchy.  Even for a few seconds.  It makes them wiggly and squirmy and all kinds of whiny. 

They love, however, to have the hair brushed off their necks.  And noses.  And eyebrows.  It’s the highlight of their hair cut!  Tickle Brush I got this brush at the dollar tree and it is wonderfully soft.  I add some talc to a bowl and then brush (or tickle) the little pesky hairs away.  :) 

Now, if someone wants to give me a few tips on scissor cuts, I’m all ears!!!

And by all means, please share your own tips for cutting children’s hair at home with the rest of us! 

I’m playing along with Works For Me Wednesday this week.  You’ll find it temporarily being hosted again by Rocks In My Dryer.


Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Good tip!
I am needing to cut my middle daughter's hair ...and really pondering what I am going to do with it (far as style)...hopefully, it will turn out cute and not just another ordinary bob!


The Real Me! said...

We save so much money by me cutting my husband and 2 boys' hair.

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

My stylist gave me a tip for cutting my daughter's bangs. After I get the cut straight across I twist the hair in sections and snip into it just a little bit -- to soften that "just cut" edge, not to shorten them anymore. Maybe that will help with your boys' scissors cuts. I like that she doesn't end up with that "chopped" look ala all of my school pics from the 70s.

too Blessed to Stress said...

I tried cutting hubby's hair once... It ended with me in tears and him tryingn to razor the side... and then having to wear a basball cap for christmas day! It was a stressful Christmas eve :)

great tips! thanks for sharing :)

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Michelle said...

LOL! That is one place I won't venture!

Lynn said...

I have no haircutting tips to offer, other than buying some of those electric clipper things and letting older boys "buzz" themselves (or each other). Outside, preferably. And oh yeah, apparently human hair scares off skunks, so when they're done have them sweep the hair under the deck and it should keep the skunks away! So how's that for some random knowledge? ;)

Michelle said...

We razor cut my sons hair...well my DH does...

I cut the girls hair myself...but it's trial and error mostly. Sorry to be no help.

Leslie said...

we did haircuts this weekend too! Had a friend do them for me, I'm not so adventurous to do it myself yet, I definitely want to learn, though!